Sessions acknowledged that the adviser to trump wanted to arrange a meeting with us President Putin in 2016

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has acknowledged that he was aware of contacts between the electoral campaign of the American leader Donald trump and Russian mediators. He told this to the legal Committee of the chamber of representatives of the U.S. Congress, according to Reuters.

Thus, he changed his previous statements, the Agency said. Earlier sessions did not recognize the fact that he knows about relationships, the environment trump with Russian officials.

Sessions told the Committee that he remembered about meeting trump in 2016, adviser to his campaign George Papadopoulos. He offered to arrange a meeting with the us leader and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as it has connections with Moscow.

«But I have no clear memories of the details of what Papadopoulos said during the meeting,» said sessions.

The Washington Post wrote about two encounters and Roman sessions with the ex-Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. According to the publication, the meetings were held during the election campaign trump – in July and September 2016.

The Washington Post reported, citing intelligence that the sessions were discussed with the Ambassador of Russia the issues connected with the campaign. According to Kislyak, they spoke on political issues, important for the Kremlin and the intelligence contradicts the public statements of the attorney General that he never discussed with Russian representatives the election campaign.

In may, the TV channel CNN, citing its sources reported that the U.S. Congress is investigating another possible meeting of the US attorney General with the Russian Ambassador on April 27, 2016.

24 July 2017 edition Axios wrote that trump is unhappy Sessom and considers as a candidate for the post of the former mayor of new York Rudolph Giuliani.

25 July the new Director of communications in the White house Anthony of Scaramucci said that trump can fire and Roman sessions.

Sessions acknowledged that the adviser to trump wanted to arrange a meeting with us President Putin in 2016 15.11.2017

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