SES told how the virus Zeke can get to Ukraine

Sanitary-epidemiological service declares there is no danger of the disease-related Zeke in Ukraine. «The disease that the virus in Ukraine is excluded», — said the head of the SES of Kiev Oleg Ruban. According to him, the disease is not transmitted from infected person to a healthy person, the virus can transfer only mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, reports

Ruban said that there is the possibility of importing insects that carry disease, in Ukraine various types of transport, however the climatic conditions in Ukraine will not allow them to spread the virus.

SES recommends Ukrainians not to visit countries in which common insects that can carry disease. It comes to 27 countries, in particular South America and Africa.

«The citizens of Ukraine who are already in South America and the Caribbean, be aware that the virus zika is transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, and therefore it is strongly recommended to use repellents (applied every 3 hours on skin and clothes), wear closed clothes that cover most body, to be in rooms equipped with mosquito nets and air conditioning,» — noted in the SES.

It is also recommended to avoid visiting parks, forests, lakes, and in the case of the appearance of the first symptoms (chills, headache, conjunctivitis, etc.), immediately seek professional medical help.

We will remind, epidemic of this viral disease broke out in Brazil in the beginning of this year.

The world health organization has warned about increased with the onset of spring, the danger of the spread of zika virus in Europe.

A proven vaccine against the virus does not yet exist.

Note, Zeke can be transmitted sexually and from mother to child.

SES told how the virus Zeke can get to Ukraine 12.02.2016

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