SES reform: some firefighters would be fired, and new gain among the volunteers. Expert: the main problem is corruption

The other day the interior Minister Arsen Avakov has announced major reforms in the structure of gschs in 2016. How exactly are they going to reform and rescue service, was taken Today.

As told to us by the adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak, primarily in gschs want to reduce Desk workers.

«To date, in gschs employs about 70 thousand people. In this regard, there is a need of optimization of management and administrative staff as the main and regional offices. You must reduce bloated management staff to increase the effectiveness of fighting forces — response forces,» — said Shkiryak.

According to the President of the Ukrainian Association of operators of the market of security Sergei Shabovta, without good personnel shake-up in gschs is really not enough.

«This service is terribly eaten by corruption, extortion. The problem of corruption in SSES even more than were in the police, but they were always hidden from society, and suffered more professionals, businessmen, builders,» explains Shabovta.

Shkiriak retorted: corruption in gschs also intend to fight.

«Quite serious corruption has always been a system of fire inspection. This function will need to transfer to the civil sector — insurance companies. It is the practice of civilized countries, which will allow to get rid of corruption in the Department,» said Zorian Shkiryak.

Archaic fleet of rescue equipment, is perhaps the main problem of the Ministry.

«He is very poor and miserable. Renewal requires enormous. If these are done by professionals, and Europe will see a transparent solution, then there is also the investors,» emphasizes Shabovta.

Of course, to raise funds for all our plans is the main difficulty. According to Shkiryak, will help transparent procurement.

«Now we have the opportunity to do so through transparent tenders through e-tendering system ProZorro. Fortunately, and European partners are ready to lend a helping hand. For example, last year Germany gave Ukraine the generators, protective clothing and fire equipment. Cooperation will be continued», — said Shkiriak.

In addition, the SSES also figured out how to save.

«The country is actively engaged in decentralization of power. It will also affect SSES, — says the Director of the Department of civil protection gschs Mikhail Majorov. — Some functions for firefighters will be transferred to local communities. At this level you will create a powerful local fire Department, which will work in specific communities and localities. The second important stage is creation of voluntary fire teams. This European experience, because in developed countries, the number of volunteer firefighters in three-four times the number of professional, and they work together to eliminate all emergencies. Thus, there will be reduced load on the budgets of all levels. On the released tools will better equip the already specialized rescue squads: fireworks, diving, radiation and chemical protection».

The salary of the volunteers, of course, not receive. By the way, to prepare the volunteers will be on a par with professionals.

«In the regions we have training centers, where we are preparing a fire for themselves, and there we will prepare personnel for local fire protection and volunteer units. Priority will be given to the guys who participated in the ATO,» — said Mauro.

Finally, within the reforms planned salary increase simple rescue, however, a specific amount of salary increase, is not yet known.

According to rescuers, the reform initiatives on the European model — a good thing, but the implementation may be too low.

«In Germany, fire protection is really contained by the local budgets, but it performs only the duties of their office, and does not remove cats from trees. I’m afraid if we subjugate communities, we will load unusual features,» said one of the rescuers.

I doubt guys that can find the money for new equipment.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev, the rescuers will be working in a new high-quality shape, able to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees.

SES reform: some firefighters would be fired, and new gain among the volunteers. Expert: the main problem is corruption 12.02.2016

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