SES: in Kiev came the flu epidemic. It is recommended to close the kindergartens and universities

In the capital came the flu epidemic. As of January 31, epidporog has been exceeded by 12.8%. SES recommends closing kindergartens and universities. About this «Ukrainian truth. Kiev» said the chief sanitary doctor of the capital Oleg Ruban.

«Date of the epidemic we had yesterday (31 January — ed.). Excess of an epidemic threshold is 12.8%. Now we have the stage of apidologie. We have all the prerequisites for a state of emergency,» — said Ruban.

He explained that now, in particular, it is recommended to close the kindergartens and universities, however, stressed that the state of emergency in the city to enter early.

«We now have apidologie is the deterioration of the epidemiological situation. A state of emergency we can enter, if epidporog exceeded 50%, we now have 12.8 per cent. But now there are a number of measures to stop this outbreak. The universities we warned yesterday,» — said Ruban.

As of the end of January in Kiev from complications after the flu dead already 33. In particular, over the last week — 14 people. He recalled that for non-observance of laws «On protection of population from infectious diseases» and «On ensuring sanitary and epidemic welfare of population» provides for criminal liability.

«If you are not performing these activities (designed to stop the epidemic — ed.), that is, articles that provide full administrative and criminal liability of business entities for failure to comply with preventive measures», — said Ruban.

He noted that the epidemic may decline for the week.

«If we all — from grandma to ucenici SES, some weeks we will have enough this outbreak subsided,» concluded the chief sanitary doctor of Kiev.

Now in Kiev are urged not to carry out any mass actions. Workers of the enterprises, kindergartens and other organizations were requested to strengthen the disinfection mode, to keep the «mask mode».

The SPP also recommends that to introduce restrictive measures in health care institutions, educational institutions, to provide measures in case of shortage of medical and other workers by providing them with PPE, and make sure to increase the number of beds in the case of a large number of patients. In addition, it is recommended to extend the hours for outpatient clinics during all days of the week, informing the public and also to limit the visiting the sick in hospitals, children in health institutions and boarding schools.

The SPP also recommends extended opening hours of pharmacies, highlight drugstore standby for round-the-clock sale of anti-flu drugs to ensure the issuance of sick leave sick with the flu for 5 days, conduct ongoing virological monitoring of circulating influenza viruses. The Virology laboratory is recommended to provide the necessary reagents, sera, diagnostic tests, animals, chicken embryos and the like.

The SES urged to carry out sanitary-educational work among the population on the prevention of influenza, SARS.

We will remind, the Kyiv city state administration has extended preventive quarantine in the schools of the capital until 8 February.

SES: in Kiev came the flu epidemic. It is recommended to close the kindergartens and universities 01.02.2016

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