Serebryakov: the Quality of human material in Russia is extremely low. Because everything was focused on it

Russian actor Alexey Serebryakov in the comments to threaten «to cut the whole family» if he returns to Russia. About it Serebryakov said during a conversation with Directors Andrey Zvyagintsev and Vitaly Mansky in Jurmala, videos which February 28 published a «Present» in YouTube.

«All the latest design, which continues in the last 20 years, is the endless deterioration of the human material in the country. It’s TV first and foremost. Which is: «push the button – get the result,» say the letter «a» and get a million. This initiative is infinite – «do not train you a star, get on the ice and everyone will admire you,» he said.

The actor said that television calls not to work, not work, not learning for the sake of obtaining the desired result.

«And the quality of human material is extremely low. Extremely well low! Because everything was focused on it. And this is politics. In fact, the policy is that you need to turn people into slaves because they want to. So we have a lot of the army, we have a country with the largest number of law enforcement agencies on a per capita basis. Because people who can’t help themselves. They correspond to the order. It is easier to live. You ordered – you did. You don’t take responsibility for their lives – and this is the main problem», – he concluded.

In an interview with journalist Yuri Dude published February 20, Serebyakov called rudeness national idea of Russia.

«Until now, neither the knowledge, nor intelligence, nor pushfulness, nor dignity are not a national idea. The national idea is the power, arrogance and rudeness», he said.

In response, the Russian Federation proposed to deprive him of citizenship.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture, film Director Vladimir Bortko said that the actor for his remarks, who will play the role in Russian films.

Russian actress Liya Akhedzhakova supported Serebryakov.

Serebryakov in early 2012, he emigrated with his family to Canada. He explained this step the adverse social situation in Russia – growth of aggression and intolerance in society and the failure by the authorities of people’s civil rights.

Serebryakov: the Quality of human material in Russia is extremely low. Because everything was focused on it 01.03.2018

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