September 18. Press review. The «black list» of Ukraine

That Europe made since the beginning of the occupation of Crimea, Ukraine decided to do just now. President Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree about introduction of sanctions against Russia. This became known after the press Secretary of the President Svyatoslav Tsegolko informed this news on his Twitter. Thus, the President approved the NSDC decision of September 2, that sanctions against officials of the Russian Federation are entered for one year.

A full list of those who fell into «disgrace», can be found on the website of the President. Importantly, this list has got a number of representatives of the Russian media, among which, in particular, Dmitry Kiselev and Elena Berezovskaya. Under the sanctions were, and cultural figures — such as Joseph Kobzon.

In the «black list» also an Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev, the head of Chechnya , Ramzan Kadyrov, Chairman of the state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergei Naryshkin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, other Russian politicians, the Pro-Russian participants of the conflict in the Donbass, and also Rossiiskie judges, cenusaresei over the Ukrainian patriots in the Russian Federation. Previously Poroshenko stated the need to strengthen sanctions for the announcement of the leaders of the occupied territories illegal elections. He noted that the leaders of the militants announced elections in coordination with the Russian Federation. The President announced that the restrictive measures affect more than 400 individuals and 90 legal entities of the Russian Federation and other countries involved in the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas.

Are unable to comment on the actions of Ukraine the statesmen of the Russian Federation. So, member of Council at the President of Russia on development of civil society and human rights Alexander Brod believes that Kyiv wants to silence human rights defenders.

«The list of human rights defenders did not exist before. Were journalists, cultural figures. Now is the turn to human rights defenders. I think it will be familiar to the international human rights community,» Ford is quoted by the Russian news Agency TASS.

But the Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) Valery Rashkin named the hit list in the «correct» one. «I didn’t bother — then I’m doing it right. If I condemn the fascist thugs and some make lists, so I’m going the right way,» Rashkin said. He is sure that his activity on the implementation of humanitarian supplies to Ukraine Poroshenko touched a nerve. The Communist said that advocates peaceful coexistence with the Ukrainian people. «But it is, perhaps, contrary to the approach Poroshenko and his team,» says Rashkin. About it writes Katerina bachinskaya in the article «and So the spirit was not!» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

The list has many inaccuracies and inconsistencies that undermine the belief that the sanctions worked serious people. For example, a Russian presidential aide Sergei Glazyev has been in it for some reason doubled — under 89-m and 117-m numbers. This is ridiculous. But there is dead.

A list of individuals, enterprises and firms were made in the depths of the SBU, Countbase and without the involvement of law enforcement. Because the decision to impose sanctions was taken at a meeting of the national security Council on 2 September, the final version of the list was most likely prepared in the apparatus of the organ. Although it is possible that it could go several and an updated list a year ago. Testified with many erasures and inconsistencies in that document, which was posted on the website of the President of Ukraine.

The former Deputy head of state frontier service of Ukraine Pavel Chesalin said that when the man who fell under the sanctions, crosses the Ukrainian border, he formally declare that in respect of it is subject to restrictive measures, and not just passed through a border checkpoint. «When crossing the border, when he shows the passport, in the electronic database of the state border service immediately displayed his name, Chesalin said. — Then it is removed from the train, I warn you at the airport and immediately sent back. It’s not the know-how of Ukraine, valid in all countries».

The overall control of the national security Council implements sanctions. More specific issues, including economic will be engaged in the SBU with the assistance of the government, the Ministry of economy, national Bank, Ministry of transport and other government departments that relate to those areas in which Russian enterprises and companies from the sanctions list.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that preparing a symmetrical response to the Ukrainian sanctions. But hurry in Moscow will not be, as stated by foreign Ministry spokesman Arkady Dorchenko — first, they will review the entire list and possible losses from it, and only then will announce its decision.

Along with politicians and businessmen under the Ukrainian sanctions fall some Russian journalists and TV presenters. The most famous of them — Dmitry Kiselev (the anchor of the channel «Russia», Director General of news Agency «Russia today»), Alexey Pimanov (Russian TV presenter of the First channel, the Director, the head of media holding «Red star»), Maxim Berezin (NTV correspondent), Elena Berezovskaya (head of Internet Agency «»).

Also under the sanctions were singer Iosif Kobzon and the actress Valentina Telichkina (known for his roles in the films «Zigzag of luck», «lakeside», «Home», «can’t be!», «Five evenings», «Team», «Yesenin»).

All of them accused that they «pose a threat to national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, contribute to terrorist activity». For what they may be banned from entering the country and deprivation of awards. And Kobzon, for example, and the blocking of assets and property on the territory of Ukraine, if any.

And if the presence of Kobzon in these lists are not surprised, then guilty than 70-year-old Telichkina is unclear. We only know that she signed a letter in support of the policies of Putin. But along with it there was listed the autographs of more than three hundred Russian artists. However, all of them, including the members of the official black list of artists (Kobzon in addition, it is another 13 people), SBU officially declared persona non grata, under the Ukrainian sanctions are not covered. Write about this Galagi Elena, Julia Kazan, Elena Yurchenko, Viktor Timofeev, Veronica Sborshikov in the article «Sanctions list: the replays, dead and free press» in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine».

According to experts, Ukraine entered sanctions are, primarily, a response to recent statements by militants that they will hold municipal elections by their own rules.

In particular, the head of the Center for applied political studies «Penta» Volodymyr Fesenko pointed out that the security Council decision on sanctions, which the President approved yesterday, was taken on September 2.

«Waited, and typed just now, because yesterday was the decree Zakharchenko on the appointment of local «elections» in «DNR». This means a direct and flagrant violation of the Minsk agreements», – said the analyst.

Volodymyr Fesenko also noted that such sanctions Ukraine against Russia could enter before. But there was a variety of factors. So, according to him, before fear could derail the negotiation process in the Donbass. «I even admit that the Soviets were «our comrades» — not to hurry with sanctions, let’s flexibly and carefully in relations,» he said, adding that it is also itself a bureaucratic machine in Ukraine is very slow, which is perfectly evident by the fact that the Agency is investigating the crimes on Maidan and financial crimes the times of Yanukovych.

As noted above, has not been in the history of the sanctions and without the «puncture». In the list of those who fell under restrictions that included a number of Western journalists, including from the BBC. This fact immediately caused sharp criticism from the international journalistic community. In particular, based in new York, the Committee to protect journalists (CPJ) in its statement of 16 September called such actions of the Ukrainian authorities is inadequate. Petro Poroshenko on September 17 at the meeting with the new British Ambassador Judith Gough said that already instructed the Council to withdraw the names of the BBC reporters from the sanctions list. «Press freedom for me – absolute value,» he said.

However, according to experts, this incident demonstrated that the Ukrainian authorities are unable to properly carry out the work on forming the sanctions list.

According to Vladimir Fesenko, played two factors. «On the one hand, this bureaucracy, which is not very accurate, not very correctly works, and on the other side still worked and the atmosphere of war, of the emotions,» he said, adding that there are no clear criteria that would determine where the information war ends, and where begins the critical position of this or that journalist.

According to experts, Russia can and not to take retaliatory countermeasures.

According to the already mentioned Volodymyr Fesenko, even if Russia and will introduce any economic countermeasures, no significant effect of it, since the trade turnover between the countries has already fallen by 60%. And the question of deliveries of gas to Ukraine sanctions in any case not to touch will, he said.

The President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko noted that for the Russian economy losses will be insignificant, but Ukraine will lose some profits. In particular, according to the expert, Ukraine earned on transit flights by Russian airlines through its territory, now she may lose this income. In addition, he noted that sanctioned Russian companies could buy any goods or services from Ukrainian companies, and now they will not do. However, to realistically assess what will be the loss on both sides, it is difficult, says Alexander Okhrimenko.

Volodymyr Fesenko, in turn, believes that Ukraine’s sanctions are symbolic in nature and not yet clear how they will work, writes Denis Skvortsov in the article «Black list»: why Ukraine decided to inflict «strike sanctions» on Russia and how Moscow will respond» in the newspaper «Today».

September 18. Press review. The «black list» of Ukraine 24.09.2015

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