Separatist, hit with a hammer the fighters of the Dnieper, expelled from Russia. With a 5-year ban on entry

44-year-old resident of the Dnieper river Marina Menshikova, napasai in October 2016 at the Dnepropetrovsk academic theater of Opera and ballet on ATO warrior with a hammer, was expelled from Russia and the occupied territories, according to «Obozrevatel».

Created by the occupiers on the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula, «the Lenin district court of the Crimea» took «the decision»: to attract Menshikov to administrative responsibility for violation of migration legislation of the Russian Federation and to expel it outside of the Peninsula, with the ban on entry to Russia and under the control of its territory for a period of 5 years.

According to the portal «Events», February 4 this year, Menshikov arrived in the Crimea from the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation to their relatives living in the village of Lenino (EDI Kyuu). The audit revealed that in November last year it expired the period of stay on the territory of Russia, to which Russian authorities are referred and annexed Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

October 22, 2016 in the river in the Opera house, the woman hit with a hammer one of the spectators, who were Ukrainian soldiers. The incident happened during the intermission of «La Traviata» by Giuseppe Verdi.

The attacker was a local resident, an active participant of the Dnieper «antimaydanov» and attempts of storm of the building of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration in April 2014. Calls himself a «Russian woman killed «dill».

Allegedly she didn’t like that a man came to the performance in uniform.

In this case the police, except the hammer, I found that she was also a knife. According to Menshikova, these items are needed for «self-defense, such as this one (participant of anti-terrorist operation — ed.)».

The woman also collects material aid for Pro-Russian militants and registered in the database of the site «Peacemaker» as separatist.

For a long time her profile in social network «Vkontakte» «decorated» the symbolism of the Pro-Russian terrorist organization «DNR».

In Ukraine it openly criminal proceedings under article 125 of the criminal code (intentional minor bodily injury).

Recall, on 8 February, the border guards of Kherson detachment of the Azov-black sea regional administration of state border guard service of Ukraine admingranitse in the Crimea detained a former Ukrainian soldier, who defected to the invaders and became to serve in the Navy of the Russian Federation.

Separatist, hit with a hammer the fighters of the Dnieper, expelled from Russia. With a 5-year ban on entry 10.02.2017

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