Sentsov, Lukyanenko and Poklitaru became Laureates of Shevchenko prize — media

The Committee of National prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko was named the winners. They were directed by Oleg Sentsov, a publicist and dissident Levko Lukyanenko, choreographer Radu Poklitaru, singer Angelina Shvachka and artist Mykhailo Guida.

Oleg Sentsov, which a Russian court sentenced him to 20 years in prison, won chironominae movies «gamer» and «Rhinoceros», according to the journal 1576.

This information pack.The culture was confirmed by an anonymous source in the Shevchenko Committee.

Sentsov’s candidacy for the award was filed by the national Union of journalists of Ukraine.

In the nomination «Journalism and journalism» was won by dissident, politician and publicist Levko Lukyanenko for collected works in 13 volumes of «the Path to revival» (publishing house «LLC Yuri Lyubchenko», 2014).

Radu Poklitaru won in the musical category for the ballet-triptych «Intersection» (2012) and the ballets «Swan lake» (2013), «Women in d minor» (2014) and «the Long Christmas dinner» (2014).

In the category «Concert and performing art» winner was Angelina Shvachka for «performing leading roles in Opera productions and popularization of the Ukrainian musical heritage.»

Another laureate is artist Mykhailo Huida — won in the nomination «Fine arts» with the cycle of paintings «In one space».

The biggest surprise to those who have followed developments regarding the current selection of candidates for the Shevchenko prize, was the fact that among the winners there are no writers and literary critics.

Recall that among the contenders for the award this year was Harvard University Professor, literary critic Grigory grabovich.

As reported, his presence in the list of nominees for the highest state award in the field of culture and art led to the emergence of several open letters, including on the websites of the «Right sector», Scientific and ideological center of Dontsov and the weekly «Word of Enlightenment», the signatories of which were considered unacceptable to award the Shevchenko prize «compromised ukrainofobskikh of ideas and unscientific behavior of the person».

In contrast to these letters on the website of the journal «Critique» published an open letter to the President of Ukraine on protection of honor Gregory Grabovica, which was signed by more than 300 Ukrainian and foreign writers, scientists, artists, musicians, translators, film Directors and journalists.

We will remind that this year the Committee for the National prize of Ukraine. Taras Shevchenko received 60 applications to receive the highest state award in the field of culture and art.

National award of Ukraine. Taras Shevchenko is awarded in several nominations: «Literature», «Literary studies and art history», «Journalism and journalism», «Cinema», «Music», «Theatre», «Concert performing arts», «Folk and decorative art» and «art».

Annually awarded to five national awards. Taras Shevchenko — one in each category.

Last year the laureates of the Shevchenko prize has been awarded to Yuriy Buriak for his book of poems, «Not the dead sea», Kostiantyn Moskalets for the book of essays «Flashes», Mykola Kompanets for art series «Land of my fathers» and Petro Panchuk, actor of the National theatre. I. Franko.

The cash prize given to the winners, is set annually according to the decree of the President of Ukraine. Last year, the size of each award amounted to 240 thousand hryvnias.

Winners of the awards of the President of Ukraine on the day of birth of Taras Shevchenko, March 9.

Sentsov, Lukyanenko and Poklitaru became Laureates of Shevchenko prize — media 13.02.2016

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