Sentences for minor crimes plan to replace public works

In the prison system will change the work of the probation service: people for committing minor crimes will be able to leave on freedom to serve his sentence in community service. This was reported by Denis Chernyshov — Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine, reports «Gromadske».

«The man who received the sentence of the court, may receive alternative punishment to imprisonment. It can be community service and fines, and the exclusion of certain classes of posts and so on,» he said.

«A very large and complex mission will be the probation officers. They should by the time of the sentencing court to consider and make a pretrial report, in which they determined that certain public danger that the object may cause to society. And make recommendations, it is necessary to plant, or it can leave on freedom under the supervision of officers of the probation service», — he said.

In addition Chernyshev noted that thus the state will save much budget.

According to him, the contents of 1 inmate for a year the government spends around 50 000 UAH.

Also Chernyshov said that in the framework of the development of the probation service was created more than 3 thousand jobs in Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that after the entry into force of the so-called «law Savchenko» detention centres in Ukraine was unloaded, but now they again filled in the same way as before the introduction of the act.

Sentences for minor crimes plan to replace public works 27.01.2017

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