Senegal and Nigeria ready to invade the Gambia because of the refusal of its President to voluntarily leave his post

The armed forces of Senegal were concentrated near the state border with the Gambia, and threatened to invade the neighboring country at midnight local time (2:00 Thursday nights), unless before that time the President of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh, who refuse to accept the results they lost the election, did not leave his post, Reuters reports.

The economic community of West African States (ECOWAS) has repeatedly called on Jammeh to hand over power and has threatened military intervention in the event of a failure. The organization previously mandated Senegal to send troops to Gambia in a last resort forced Jammeh to resign. 18 Jan Senegal has made to the UN security Council a draft resolution supporting the actions of ECOWAS.

«We are ready and waiting for the deadline at midnight. If time will not found a political solution, we will act,» said the official representative of the Senegalese army Colonel Abdou Ndiaye.

Simultaneously it became known that Nigeria has sent its air force in Senegal and declared its readiness at any moment to provide military assistance to the Dakar in the struggle against Jammeh. Nigeria, like Senegal, is part of ECOWAS and repeatedly threatened the President of the Gambia sanctions and military intervention if he continued to violate the Constitution.

19 January to take office won elections in the Gambia, the new President Adam barrow. Jammeh first admitted defeat, but then said «unacceptable mistakes» of the electoral Commission and called for a new vote, challenging the election outcome in the Supreme court.

Meanwhile, on January 18, the national Assembly of Gambia passed a resolution to allow Jammeh to stay in power for another three months. The President introduced a state of emergency, which took effect immediately and will be valid for 90 days. Jammeh, who has ruled the country for the past 22 years, standing at the helm in 1994, after the military coup, said that the state of emergency is introduced to prevent a power vacuum while the court considers his petition on the outcome of the election.

Gambian President refused to resign at the end of December last year, despite the results of the elections, which defeated his rival — the leader of the local opposition Adam barrow. «I’m not a coward. I can’t intimidate or deprive their rights. This is my position. No one can Rob me of this victory (in elections) but Allah,» said Jammeh.

Elections in the Gambia took place on 1 December. According to the official results, Jammeh scored 36.7 per cent of votes, while his opponent is 45.5%.

The media noted that the change in the position of the Jamma occurred shortly after it became known about the intention of the new authorities of the country to bring the President to justice for a number of charges against him, including arrest, torture and murder of political opponents. It is possible that challenging the results of the elections, Jammeh will try to negotiate an immunity from prosecution, assumed the journalists.

Senegal and Nigeria ready to invade the Gambia because of the refusal of its President to voluntarily leave his post 19.01.2017

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