Semenchenko told, how was the first night of blocking the railway to Donbass

The participants of the ATO, which yesterday began to block the railroad on the border with the temporarily occupied territories in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions today continue the blockade on the station Svetlanova Luhansk region, the veterans are expected to meet with representatives of the local authorities.

Wrote about this on his page in Facebook the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko.

SBU and the Prosecutor General should evaluate the actions of the participants of the blockade of railway tracks — Pogukai

«The night passed quietly. A couple of gunfire in the forest «to fear» was not taken seriously. Representatives of almost all military units that are close callback and expressed to the veterans its support. The generals and the «bosses upstairs» swear and stomp their feet. At 10:00 here (to the station Svetlanova — ed.) gathers all the heads of the Luhansk region. It turns out it is! Probably will require veterans to pay freight under the «effective control» of the Russian Federation. It is now called? What guys would you tell them? Accepted requests», — wrote Semenchenko.

As reported, about the beginning of the siege in Donetsk and Luhansk regions yesterday, the Deputy semen Semenchenko and Vladimir Parasyuk wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to them, the veterans of the ATO blocked in the Donbas 12 freight trains and more than 700 cars, which were transporting goods between the occupied and unoccupied territories.

As reported yesterday, Semenchenko, the trains that ply between Ukraine and the occupiers, and in particular from the station Svetlanova, «transported building materials, timber, steel, coal. What actually exists in the wagons could not be verified. Our border guards without the right equipment. And replaced, which consists of eight border guards have 10-12 trains 40 to 60 cars each. This means that one border guard a day should check 70-90 (!) cars. They all issued only one «means» dog».

We will remind that on 25 January, the veterans of the ATO blocked the railway section «Lugansk — Lysychansk – Popasnaya» the embargo of trade with ORDO. According to Semenchenko, 12 trains and more than 700 cars today, «excluded from the process of financing of terrorism».

One of the trains tried to collide with blockers, but he was stopped and was converted to the heating point.

Semenchenko also noted that, according to observations by the railroad, movement at the station is much more active than it was before the war.

SBU and the Prosecutor General should evaluate the actions of the participants of the blockade of railway tracks — Pogukai

Assessment of the actions of former members of the ATU and the people’s deputies, who blocked the railroad in Lugansk area on the boundary line, must give the security service and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, said the head of the communication Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Luhansk region Tatyana Pogukai.

«Since January 15 former soldiers of the volunteer battalions «Donbass» and «Aydar», headed by Verkhovna Rada Deputy semen Semenchenko warned us that they would hold protest actions against smuggling by rail links across the line of demarcation in the territory of Lugansk region. And yesterday they started, as they say, the third phase of the announced shares», — told Pogukai, the TV channel «112.Ukraine» on Thursday.

According to her, the 41st ferrying the mountain of gold in the Popasnyansky area 30 former members blocked the railway track, put on the gauge wooden hedgehogs and announced the start of an indefinite civil disobedience actions to prevent the transport of goods not controlled by the Kiev area and in the opposite direction. Near railroad tracks installed tent for participants.

«Yesterday they stopped the empty train, which was moving in the direction of the uncontrolled territory. 57 empty cars in this part of it. They blocked it a go. At the scene was caused by the investigative task force. The investigators documented everything that happened at the scene», — told Pogukai.

According to her, the legal assessment of these events will give the prosecutors or SBU. All the materials that investigators gathered at the scene, reported to competent authorities.

Also Pogukai said that the information about trying to weld train tracks to the police were reported.

She reported that place are MPs Semenchenko, Taras Pastukh and Vladimir Parasyuk, and the assessment of their actions must also give the security Service of Ukraine.

Semenchenko told, how was the first night of blocking the railway to Donbass 26.01.2017

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