Semenchenko: the staff of the NSU regularly occupied Donbass, the command does not respond

Some members of the National guard units deployed in the ATO area, regularly visit occupied by fighters of «DNR/LNR» territories of Donbass. This was reported by MP Simon Semenchenko on his page in Facebook, commenting on the fact of detention in Donetsk fighters «DNR» nurses of the medical unit of the NSU.

«The arrest of the nurse of the national guard a group of Russian mercenaries (so-called DNR police). Want to publicly announce that there is a danger of such «arrest» in relation to a minimum of four employees the same part. The names of the parts manual, the management of NSU, prykordonna service, security service known. However, until now no measures to prevent such incidents the command of NSU, SSU, Border guards — not accepted», — Semenchenko writes.

According to the Deputy, in/HR 3057 NSU is the part where in addition to fighters of «Donbass» and «Azov» serve military personnel NSU (former interior troops).

«For 2016 from the military this part in my name and in the name of the people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev has received complaints that referred to the facts and the constant visits by military and the National guard of Ukraine temporarily occupied territory (of Donetsk). For example, were listed 5 families, one of which is a member of the National Guard, about the «detention» which is reported in the statement of the press service of the NSU,» writes Semenchenko.

He said that in August — September 2016 it «was sent parliamentary inquiries to the leadership of the military unit 3057 Kryachko Colonel and commander of the NSU General Hallerowo with a request to pay attention to these names and to check with the aim of establishing a complete list of «tourists».

The people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev in turn, in August — September 2016, sent Deputy inquiries to the head of the Antiterrorist center and the head of the State border service.

According to Semenchenko, «response was received hard «unsubscribe» link on the impossibility of disclosure of personal data, no dates of birth, lack of authority, desires, opportunities.»

The Deputy insists on the inadmissibility of visiting the occupied territories by members of the National guard of Ukraine, as they have access to, including proprietary information and can be recruited by the Russian intelligence services or captured for subsequent exchange for Russian mercenaries and saboteurs

«I demand immediately to stop the practice and to break contracts with such soldiers and officers, and to investigate and punish the perpetrators of the criminal inaction of the public officials concerned — he concluded, — the issue would be discussed at the next meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence. In the absence of proper reaction will be forced to provide a list of members of the National guard of Ukraine constantly visiting the occupied territories to be publicly disclosed in the media».

As previously reported, the national guard under Ukraine said that the nurse of military unit No. 3057 was detained by militants in the occupied Donetsk. «I officially announce that nurse medical point of military unit 3057 did not come to work. Measures taken to search for the person to no avail. 08.01.2017 year command of the military unit 3057 received a message from her son, who lives in Donetsk that she was detained «by the police» so-called «DNR», — is spoken in the message.

Later, the press officer of the National guard of Ukraine Ruslan Muzychuk said that the national guard does not conduct negotiations about the release of detained in the occupied Donetsk nurses.

Semenchenko: the staff of the NSU regularly occupied Donbass, the command does not respond 11.01.2017

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