Sedokova sent his daughter to study in Russia

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova gave training in the Russian Federation their daughter, Alina. She spoke about it in an interview with People Talk.

According to Sedokova living in the United States, Alina began to forget the Russian language, even after six months of stay in Russia she has to find the words to speak.

«She thinks in English. And I really didn’t want to lose the language, lose the connection, and gave it to the best of the Lomonosov school,» she explained.

Sedokova said he plans with his family to live in the United States.

«Anyway, we’re going to live in Los Angeles and our future is with America. It’s great when you have the ability to absorb multiple cultures,» she said.

According to the singer, her daughter is easy to give any move.

«If you suddenly need to move, for example, to live in Barcelona, tel Aviv or somewhere else, we will move. It really broadens the scope of the individual person,» she said.

Sedokova have three children: Alina, Monica and Hector.

Alina – the singer’s daughter from his first marriage with a Belarusian footballer, former captain of Kiev «Dynamo» Valentin Belkevich was born on 8 December 2004.

Daughter Monica Sedokova gave birth to businessman Maxim Chernyavsky in July 2011.

Sedokova became a mother for the third time in April 2017. With the father of the third child, the actress also broke up.

Sedokova sent his daughter to study in Russia 11.01.2018

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