Searches of the Prosecutor General’s office «PrivatBank» in the case of Kroll stopped Poroshenko – media

Investigators of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on 7 December conducted searches in the office of «PrivatBank» in the river under the production, which featured the international Agency Kroll, specializing in financial investigations. This was reported a source of «RBK-Ukraine».

«Investigators of the GPU supposedly has given the ruling of the Pechersk court of Kyiv for permission to conduct searches in criminal proceedings No. 42017000000002828 of September 5, 2017. In the regulations, according to the source, it was noted that «during a pretrial investigation it is established that officials of «PrivatBank» on preliminary arrangement with representatives of the national Bank, and also with the owners and heads of several business entities, in particular foreign detective company Kroll, using his official position… organized scheme of systematic embezzlement of funds «PrivatBank» …by carrying out obviously unprofitable operations on crediting of subjects of economic activity for remuneration in the amount of 3-5% of the total loan amount,» writes «RBC — Ukraine».

It is noted that the decisions of the court allegedly even included a paragraph about the withdrawal of the Fritz server, where the database is located on 10 million customers, but the security forces left, nothing seized.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, these searches were stopped by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, calling the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko.

«Poroshenko called Lutsenko, when he learned about the searches in «Private», and asked why he does it. Lutsenko said that does not affect the investigators in the framework of current legislation. Poroshenko said that under the current legislation, now in VR representation on dismissal of the Prosecutor General», – said the source.

According to him, during the meeting, Lutsenko and the former shareholder of «PrivatBank» Igor Kolomoisky in Amsterdam were able to consider the details of these actions in the «case of Kroll».

«Lutsenko Avakov (Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. – «GORDON») it is in vain began to help Kolomoisky. Kroll is an international company engaged in the search for assets stolen money and returns worldwide. Against them so openly not go», – said the interlocutor of the edition.

Surrounded by Poroshenko «RBC-Ukraine» confirmed that the President held several «hard conversations» with Lutsenko in explanation of cases of «PrivatBank» and trips to Amsterdam.

In addition, a possible Communicator between Kolomoisky and Lutsenko called the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Alexander Tretyakov. Tretyakov himself comments, «RBC-Ukraine» said that’s not true.

Sources in the Prosecutor’s office said that in «PrivatBank» on 7 December was not a search, and «investigative experiment». The interlocutor in an environment Lutsenko said that the GPU could not fail to carry out investigative actions within investigation, but the alleged seizure of documents was stopped by the public Prosecutor. «Lutsenko was banned. Said harshly to leave them all alone if not able to otherwise or processes can not» – said the source publication.

In addition, surrounded by Lutsenko suspect that the story of the meeting in Amsterdam could «merge» himself Kolomoisky. «It’s his style. Like all of his telephone conversations with politicians, who from time to time released into the Internet,» – said the source.

According to information «RBC-Ukraine», the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened a new case against Kroll allegedly at the request of the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Valeriy Davydenko. The publication notes that the MP was involved in the writing of different statements, «which can be beneficial side Kolomoisky».

Journalist, chief editor of «the Censor.NO» Yury Butusov noticed that the opening of criminal proceedings and receipt by Prosecutor’s office in Pechersky court search warrant in «PrivatBank», which was held on December 7, coincided with the return from Amsterdam to the head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko. He claimed that «accidentally» met in the capital of the Netherlands, former co-owner of «PrivatBank» Igor Kolomoisky.

The Edition «Censor.NO» published a copy of the judgement on the conduct of searches, which States that, according to the Prosecutor General, the representatives of «PrivatBank» and Kroll have entered into an agreement with officials of the national Bank, by organizing a «scheme of systematic embezzlement of funds of «PrivatBank» for loans.

Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova said that criminal proceedings on the fact of alleged abuse of officials «PrivatBank» National Bank of Ukraine and the detective Agency Kroll when issuing loans, which is investigating the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, is connected with the preparation of the report, detectives and auditors. According to her, the report will be released in January.

21 Dec finansov Minister of Ukraine Alexander danyluk said that the decision of the London court to freeze assets of the former owners of «PrivatBank» prior to the adoption of decisions on the merits was possible, «despite direct attempts by the Prosecutor General to stop the process.» The Minister also accused the Prosecutor in the opening and «active promotion» of the proceedings against incumbent officials of «PrivatBank», the Ministry of Finance and the national Bank of Ukraine. Danilyuk thus demanded the resignation of Lutsenko.

Kolomoisky, answering a question of the edition «Left coast», is it true that the attorney-General, it helps in the case of «PrivatBank», said: «…zdit. Danyluk…zdit».

According to a government decision of December 18, 2016, the state of 100% became the owner of «PrivatBank».

5 June 2017, the Centre for the investigation of corruption and organized crime OCCRP reported that «PrivatBank» for 2015-2016 has issued over $1 billion in loans to 28 companies, which were controlled by individuals associated with the former owner of the Bank Igor Kolomoisky.

July 7 in the NAB said that the state suffered damages in the amount of recapitalization of the Bank to 116.8 billion.

NBU in July published a report financial audit of «PrivatBank», conducted by Ernst&Young according to which on the eve of the nationalization of the Bank was a financial pyramid.

After that, the ex-Bank owners, as well as associated offshore and individuals have filed dozens of lawsuits in the Ukrainian courts in which to appeal against the procedure of nationalization and demand compensation for related financial losses.

Searches of the Prosecutor General’s office «PrivatBank» in the case of Kroll stopped Poroshenko – media 22.12.2017

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