Scorpions concert in Kiev dedicated a song to victims of Euromaidan

February 19 Scorpions gave a concert in Kiev, on the eve of the sad two-year anniversary of the events on the Maidan. The musicians appeared on the scene a half hour after officially declared the beginning of a concert. Going out to the audience, lead singer Klaus meine almost without accent said Hello: «Good evening, Kyiv. Yak Sprava?», then began to rock the audience with songs from the new album, writes «Today».

During the performance the musicians a few times in the hall threw picks and drum sticks, then at the fan zone in the fight for them was a short scuffle.

A few songs were accompanied by images of the colors of the Ukrainian flag and the hit Send me an Angel Klaus was dedicated to the victims of Euromaidan. The most famous song from their repertoire — Wind of Change — the musicians sang, holding up Ukrainian flags (they supplied their fans below the stage).

The last accent of the concert was the scene when the drummer James Kottak is wearing a blue and yellow t-shirt with the emblem of the European Union, thereby hinting that Ukraine is not against to see in Europe.

Recall that the Scorpions have supported Ukraine since the Maidan and wished Ukrainians a victory in their struggle.

In the summer of 2015 Scorpions refused to speak at a Boxing show in Sevastopol, despite the considerable fee. And before that the team was expelled annexed Crimea from its schedule tour. Scorpions Manager said that the rockers would not be in Crimea, while it will remain «dubious territory».

Scorpions concert in Kiev dedicated a song to victims of Euromaidan 22.02.2016

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