Scientists have recorded Einstein’s predicted gravitational waves

Physicists could experimentally confirm the existence of gravitational waves, predicted 100 years ago by albert Einstein.

A statement to this effect was made on Thursday, February 11th, during a press conference scientific collaboration LIGO in Washington, reports the Rain

Gravitational waves were registered by laser interferometer gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory). A source of waves the scientists call the merger of two black stars in a trillion light years from Earth.

As noted by N+1, the signal was recorded on the first of September, saw his Observatory, within the LIGO collaboration. Representatives of the collaboration is called the signal «very specific». Analysis of the signal took about a month.

Energy emitted in the merger, equivalent to three Solar masses. The merger, according to scientists, happened 1.3 million years ago in more than a billion kilometers from Earth.

According to the Guardian, for the discovery of gravitational waves «is certainly a Nobel prize».

We will remind, in 2012 scientists of the European organization for nuclear research (CERN) has denied the sensational results of the experiment exceeded the speed of light, which threatened to overturn the fundamental basis of physics. Thus everything fell into place, again confirming the theory of relativity, according to which physical particles can’t move faster than light.

Scientists have recorded Einstein’s predicted gravitational waves 11.02.2016

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