Scientists have invented a new type of contraceptive for men

Pilot type a male contraceptive has been tested on monkeys and has shown high efficiency. A new drug has received the name Vasalgel. It works by blocking the channel through which the sperm travels to the penis, says Science Alert.

In the latest test of 16 adult male rhesus monkeys received injections of Vasalgel, and then was placed with the females for at least one breeding season. In this case of the monkeys were placed with females for up to two years. After the injection of Vasalgel in animals there have been no pregnancies, although they were placed in the open air in a free environment. However, the researchers acknowledge that the sample size was small.

A new drug in gel form covers the movement in the ejaculatory ducts, through which sperm travels from the testicles to the penis. According to pharmacists, quite another injection of another drug, and a gel tube in the ejaculatory channel will resolve.

A disadvantage of this type of contraceptive is the lack of protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Scientists hope to gather enough evidence of the reliability of Vasalgel and to begin clinical trials in humans, and then to seek licensing of a new drug. The developer plans to obtain such approval in 2018.

Earlier in Ukraine the first child from three parents.

Scientists have invented a new type of contraceptive for men 08.02.2017

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