Scientists have invented a mobile battery with built-in «fire extinguisher»

Scientists from Stanford University have invented a lithium-ion battery with a built-in «fire extinguisher»: extinguishing substances are activated if the battery temperature increases. The results of research conducted by the University’s team, was published in the journal Science Advances.

Triphenyl slowing and stopping combustion, is located inside a special capsule, and the capsule itself — in the electrolyte (battery acid). Capsule melts when the temperature reaches 150 degrees Celsius, and releases triphenyl. During the tests the fire was extinguished for 0.4 seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries used in many devices and known that are easily ignited. The cause may be too fast or charging the battery, or the minimum error in the Assembly of the battery.

Previous attempts to incorporate triphenyl battery was bad, it had a negative impact on the performance characteristics of the battery.

In February 2016, the national Council for transport safety USA has issued a warning about the carriage of lithium-ion batteries in airplanes, as they can become a «source of ignition».

South Korean company Samsung has not yet released a report about the reasons of ignition of its smartphones Galaxy Note 7. The study, conducted by third-party companies say that the cause of the fire was the battery.

Senior analyst at IHS , Ian Fogg said that the technology of battery production is developing slower than phone technology.

«It’s one of the reasons why and phone, and other technologies are unable to grow faster. Producers have to balance between the demands of customers who want to have a powerful battery, and better graphics and a large display at the same time. There is a big risk in the operation of batteries with a large charge,» said he.

Scientists have invented a mobile battery with built-in «fire extinguisher» 17.01.2017

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