Scientists have found that when die Moon

Now the Moon is moving away from us at 3.8 cm per year, but in fact this may be the beginning of a long journey to return to Earth. According to astronomer from Idaho (USA) Jason Barnes, the Moon will finish its way in the face of the Earth 65 billion years, writes Forbes.

This scientist believes that we cannot be sure that these two heavenly bodies actually will survive through 6 billion years when the Sun, having exhausted the reserves of hydrogen in its core, will turn into a red giant.

Barnes sees a connection between the tides and the destruction of the moon. According to him, the removal rate depends on the speed of rotation of the Earth and the sum of tidal energy in the seas. But as soon as the speed of rotation of the Earth equal to the speed of the moon, she begins to move backwards, which subsequently will lead to a clash.

Recall that in the scientific community there is still no unified point of view on the death of the moon. But the majority of astronomers agree with the theory of the origin of Earth’s natural satellite. According to her, the Moon formed from the collision of a celestial body with the Earth 4.5 billion years ago. And since the Moon is slowly removed from us.

Earlier, the US has declassified documents about the plans to blow up the moon with nuclear bomb.

Scientists have found that when die Moon 09.02.2017

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