Scientists have found millennial artist on the walls of St. Sophia Cathedral

On the walls of St. Sophia, scientists have discovered thousands of years ago the autograph of the artist who painted the walls of the temple.

Thus scientists have found the second name of the creators of the frescoes, according to TSN.

Deputy General Director on scientific work of the National reserve «Sophia of Kyiv» istorichnij candidate of Sciences Vyacheslav Kornienko noticed until now unknown letter «A» on the wall at a height of five meters. Inscriptions are about a thousand years. The scientist is convinced that the words, «Lord, help your servant to Chiriac» left by the author of the frescoes. As you know, the Church was decorated by the Greeks at the invitation of Prince Vladimir.

Only Sofia studied almost seven thousand graffiti. Among the «authors» were not only believers — the clergy and the Prince’s face did not hesitate to write on the walls. Most of the records of a religious nature, but anything can happen, for example, write, curse, love messages.

But for scientists, graffiti is primarily an additional historical source. For example, due to the graffiti that Prince Vladimir began to build the city of Sofia, and not Jaroslav, as he tried himself in the annals attributed. Thanks Sophia graffiti, scientists have learned that even then, there was a high percentage of literacy. But with the SIXTEENTH century began a great migration, and on the walls of Sofia appeared the names of other cities.

Earlier in the territory of the National reserve «Sophia of Kyiv» was opened to explore the foundations of ancient buildings of the XI century. The discovery of these foundations, according to scientists of the National reserve «Sophia of Kyiv», has important scientific value, because provides new information regarding the ancient architecture and technology implementation then construction works.

Scientists have found millennial artist on the walls of St. Sophia Cathedral 04.01.2017

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