Scientists have found about 1500 previously unknown viruses

To work on the project virologists assembled a collection of more than 220 living in China species of invertebrates, including insects and spiders, identified samples of their RNA and transcribed chain.

The results of a study conducted using the most modern methods of molecular genetics. published on the website of the journal Nature, reports the BBC.

By sorting and analysing the data, scientists have discovered hundreds of unknown viruses. Some of the detected RNA-containing viruses are so different from those already known to science that can be assigned to separate families.

In addition, virologists have found a link between the evolution of the virus and its carrier, and this circumstance, according to Professor of the Institute of biomedical Sciences at Fudan University Xu Stanzinthat could radically change people’s view of the origin of life on Earth.

It is known that some invertebrate species can be carriers of dangerous human viruses such as zika or dengue.However, the authors of the study suggest that open their viruses do not represent for people a significant threat.

The studies were conducted in laboratories Chinese center for disease prevention and control centers of their occurrence.

Previously, Chinese scientists altered the genome of an adult using CRISPR technology.

Scientists have found about 1500 previously unknown viruses 28.11.2016

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