Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Lopez spoke out against anti-immigration decree trump

More and more celebrities openly oppose the anti-immigrant decree of the new President of Donald trump. Their disagreement about the ban on entry into the United States, representatives of seven Muslim countries, said actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

«Honestly, the feeling that right now we are in a nightmare!! In a country founded by immigrants, the word «immigrant» was bad !!!» — angrily wrote in his Instagram latina J. Lo.

«It’s crazy and makes us look silly when the White house is ill-prepared to execute such orders,» said «Terminator», reports «The Hill».

According to Arnie, the President hastened to this order. Schwarzenegger recalled that he emigrated from Austria and used green card to start working in the United States.

Previously against anti-immigration policies trump has already made a well-known writer Stephen king, the founder of Facebook , mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Google Sergey Brin, singer Rihanna, actor Ashton Kutcher and others.

President trump on January 27 signed a decree, which is entitled «Protection of the nation from the entry of foreign terrorists in the United States.» He suspends the arrival of refugees in the United States within 120 days and blocks on three month visas for travelers from seven Muslim countries, including Iran.

Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi, nominated this year for the award «Oscar» in the category «Best foreign film» will not be able to attend the ceremony because of the «anti-immigrant» of the decree .

Thousands of scientists from around the world, including 28 Nobel prize winners signed the petition, which I strongly condemn this policy of the White house.

Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Lopez spoke out against anti-immigration decree trump 01.02.2017

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