Schultz said he will step down as head of the European Parliament and participate in parliamentary elections in Germany

European Parliament President Martin Schulz said that he would not go for another term mandate as President of the European Parliament and intends to run for the German Bundestag, his party, the SPD. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

«I made a decision. I will not be a candidate for a third mandate as President of the European Parliament,» said Schultz reporters Thursday in Brussels.

He promised with full force to perform its existing functions of the Chairman of the European Parliament until the end of the current mandate.

According to him, it was a tough decision, since he highly valued their work in the European Parliament at all levels of the MEP, the Chairman of the faction of the socialists and head of the whole Institute and to ensure that European policy was «stronger and more visible, and more influential».

Schulz recalled that the European Parliament is the only European institution whose members are directly elected.

«More than ever the world needs a strong, independent and United European Union, which is fighting for their values and ideas, and protects and strengthens what is built as the previous generation,» — said the head of Parliament.

Schultz added that his commitment to the European project remain the same, but now he will fight for it at the national level. «My values never change,» he stressed.

«I will continue to do everything in my power to improve people’s lives, reduce inequalities» — promised the President of the European Parliament. The only way, he believes, it is possible to regain lost trust.

However, Schulz noted that the largest EU countries, Germany has a special responsibility in the EU.

He thanked all the colleagues with whom he worked in the EU, especially from the socialist faction of the European Parliament. Separately he expressed gratitude to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker as a «great European», with which he was able to work productively together.

Schultz plans to lead the electoral list of the SPD in the Federal simlc North Rhine — Westphalia elections in 2017.

The name of a possible successor to Schultz as head of the European Parliament is not yet known.

As informs AP, it can become the representative of the European people’s party, the largest faction in the European Parliament.

Elections to the German Bundestag will be held in September 2017 in their country the government will be formed.

Earlier, the German media wrote that the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), member of which is Schultz, wants to include it in the party list from the Federal state of North Rhine — Westphalia in elections to the Bundestag.

The SPD is considering him as a possible candidate for the post of Chancellor of Germany, along with the current Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. The party plans in January to finally decide on a candidate that will rival the current Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has previously voiced willingness to go for a fourth term.

In addition, in Berlin to discuss the possibility of appointing Martin Schulz for the post of Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany is Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who at the beginning of 2017, most likely, will become the new President of Germany.

Schultz said he will step down as head of the European Parliament and participate in parliamentary elections in Germany 24.11.2016

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