Schlossberg: the Main political course in Russia is obscurantism

Scandal with film Director Alexey Uchitel «Matilda» showed «depressing» condition of the Russian state. About this Russian politician and human rights activist Lev Shlosberg said in a column for the newspaper «Pskov province».

«The real power in it (in the Russian Federation. – «GORDON») belongs to the fanatics and extremists. They are able for several weeks to block under the threat of terrorist attacks, the release of the film on the wide screen. The main political course in Russia becomes obscurantism», – he wrote.

According to Shlosberg, Tsar Nicholas «was posthumously denied the right to be a living man – loving man, the owner of a beautiful women, dramatically torn between the impulse of the soul and the duty of the heir to the Royal crown.»

«Rejected whom? People who for unknown reasons decided that you have the right to form and defend their idea of morality for the whole society to public authorities. «You’re the king. You have a right to everything but love. These people are fanatics and extremists», – said the politician.

He said «amazing and extremely dangerous» that the state does not stop those who threatened to blow up a cinema and kill people who came to the viewing of «Matilda».

«The movie «Matilda» to the surprise of many, but quite logically became the detonator of the exit surface of public life long ago Travego reactionary flow of aggressive misanthropy, painstakingly grown by the authorities under the hand of Vladimir Putin (the Russian President. – «GORDON»), «Schlossberg wrote.

He noted that the main value of the Russian state in the XXI century «was a medieval cliches and fears, reflexes and seizures».

«The government is afraid of losing them, even under the threat that his public face become angry and dangerous to people bigots. This is the real state of the impasse, a blockage of vital blood vessels, stopping the development of the country, state regress,» said the politician.

On the night of 31 August in St. Petersburg with Molotov cocktails and pelted the building where the Studio Director, Teachers «Rock». By the time of the arrival of police, the fire was extinguished.

4 September in Yekaterinburg, the man rammed the building of the cinema «Space», then set a car on fire and sparked a massive fire. A source close to the investigation said that in this way the 39-year-old resident of Irbit Denis Murashov protested against the release of the movie «Matilda».

Theater Director «salute» Sergey Fedyakov said that all owners of the Ekaterinburg cinemas received threats in connection with the release of the film.

On the morning of September 11, near the office of the lawyer, the Teacher set fire to cars, leaving a note with the inscription «For Matilda to burn.»

Schlossberg: the Main political course in Russia is obscurantism 22.09.2017

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