«Scheme» denies the charges «the Ukrainian choice» in the illegality of filming Medvedchuk

Statement of the movement «Ukrainian choice» on the illegality of the shooting of the journalists of the program «Schemes» (joint project of «Radio Liberty» and «NTU») of their leader, the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group in the negotiations in Minsk, Viktor Medvedchuk, is not true. This is stated in the commentary of «Schemes» published on the website of «Radio Liberty».

«The press service said that the film crew allegedly filmed illegally at the airport in Kyiv direct flights of Viktor Medvedchuk in Russia. Next quote: «According to Ukrainian legislation allowed the collection and dissemination of information only to persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government bodies». The editorial notes that Viktor Medvedchuk can not be considered a private individual because he is authorized to perform state functions – namely to negotiate with the Ukrainian side on the release of hostages», – is spoken in the message.

«Scheme» also voiced the position of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU), which in 2016 confirmed that Medvedchuk has allowed direct flights to Moscow «in accordance with the authority granted by the state as part of the negotiation process».

The journalist of the program «Schemes» Michael weaver reported that the protection of Medvedchuk hindered the work of the crew «Radio Freedom» on 7 November.

«At the VIP terminal of the airport Kiev the people who are constantly guarding the arrivals and departures of Viktor Medvedchuk, people in masks and balaclavas let our legitimate journalistic activities. Hit elbows, pushed, did the foot pegs, the operator twice knocked out the camera from hands,» said weaver.

According to him, the car of the crew with the Registrar blocked to prevent to take off the arrival of the aircraft Medvedchuk from Russia and its exit from the terminal.

Journalists published video of the incident and the investigation itself.

On the fact of obstructing the work of the crew the criminal proceedings.

«Scheme» denies the charges «the Ukrainian choice» in the illegality of filming Medvedchuk 14.12.2017

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