SCCC: fighters don’t want to leave profitable positions and look askance at Mariupol

Militants ORLO disrupted the withdrawal of forces and means near the village of Lugansk, because I don’t want to leave a strategic position, favorable to attacks.

In an interview with «Ukrainian truth» said the Ukrainian representative of a Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire, major-General Borys Kremenetsky.

«If we look at the geography of this place, the positions of the astronomical clock located on the Mountain of Prince Igor is the height from which everything can be controlled. Therefore, in the case of breeding they will have to leave these positions and go over the mountain,» says Kremenets.

Thus the militants are losing a tactical advantage in this area.

«Therefore, in my opinion, all the time and it breaks the breeding,» said major-General.

According to Kremnicka, the constant shelling of Shirokino fighters use as pressure to show that Mariupol is under threat.

«There is such a thing as «harassing fire». We show that Mariupol is under threat – it is a socio-political pressure, because we know, in Mariupol metallurgical works, and know to whom they belong, we know that people are tied to work in these enterprises», – said the major-General.

The intensification of fighting in the arc Svetlodarsk in December Kremenets associated with the presence in this area of strategic facilities under the control of the ATO.

«First, there Svetlodarsk TPP, it is a strategic object. View — the Happiness power station, in Svetlodarsk TPP. They are under our control, but give the current in the occupied territories. This strategic object», – explains Kremenets.

«And if you look from the point of view of tactics, it means that we are facing the reservoirs. We can’t be dropped into the water, because then it will be very difficult to force it», he added.

Kremnicke previously expressed the opinion that the staff of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE in the Donbas are to be representatives of the Russian security services or intelligence.

We will remind, on December 24, invaders disrupted the regular arrangement about the mode of silence in the Donbass. Before this several days of fierce fighting on the arc Svetlodarsk. Also forces ATO entered in Novoluganskoe, and installed a roadblock.

Dec 28, ATO forces repelled the attack of militants near the Cool Beam.

On 30 December the Ukrainian military repelled two attacks of the enemy near Popasnaya.

SCCC: fighters don’t want to leave profitable positions and look askance at Mariupol 11.01.2017

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