SBU: Russian special services tried to recruit EN masse the Ukrainian military

Russian special services tried to carry out large-scale recruitment of the Ukrainian military, mostly representatives of the naval forces, which before the occupation was located in the Crimea. On Friday, November 25, at the briefing said the chief of staff of the Chairman of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

According to him, this message is the result of the operation of the military counterintelligence, which lasted from 2014. He added that recruitment had used «dirty tricks».

«Detained, taken somewhere in the forest and say – look, here’s a grenade, here is the ammunition that we have found you. This is a weapon. Either you sign that you will work for us, or we go, keeping you and you become a criminal,» he said.

In addition, according to Tkachuk, threatened to kill the relatives who remained in the Crimea.

Tkachuk said that the SBU found such attempts to recruit quickly and the transfer to the Russian curators were blocked. According to him, most of the sailors remained loyal to the oath and voluntarily reported to his superiors and the security service attempts to recruit. However, two military court has sentenced to 12 years in prison for treason.

In the framework of the special operation was more than 30 criminal proceedings.

Tkachuk added that the invaders were interested in fighting numerical strength of the Ukrainian military units, their weapons, place of deployment, directives, and military orders on the application of anti-terrorist operation forces, the results and details of activities of mobilization and so on.

During the briefing were also shown videotapes of the testimony of the military who were trying to recruit. Their faces were hidden, but the voice changed. He recalled that the voluntary message SBU about the recruitment attempt, exempt the person from criminal responsibility.

Earlier it was reported that Russian special services are trying to recruit Ukrainian workers and Ukrainian security forces even during the negotiations for the exchange of prisoners.

SBU: Russian special services tried to recruit EN masse the Ukrainian military 25.11.2016

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