SBU: Russian special services can remove Butler and Khodakovsky

The Russian security services can eliminate Igor Bezler, in the past, one of the leaders of the militants, and former head of the battalion «East» Alexander Khodakovsky.

About this during the briefing on Tuesday, February 23, announced chief of staff to the Chairman of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

According to him, the SBU has information that the Russian special services can get these two fighters.

«We have certain information that under Chodakowski very shook a chair. Possible a very radical actions by the Russian special services in relation to it,» said Tkachuk.

«Also under threat is the elimination of Butler. He is now in Crimea,» – said Tkachuk.

He also said that the dismissal of the so-called «foreign Minister «DNR»» Alexander Kofman occurred at the request of councillor to RF President Putin, Vladislav Surkov, who has recently visited Donetsk.

Besides, fighters fired «the head of the Commission for exchange of prisoners Radionova«.

«The separatists accuse her of treason,» — said Tkachuk.

Earlier, the leader of militants «DNR» appointed a new acting of the so-called «foreign Minister». They became Natalia Nikonorova, former aide to ex-Prosecutor General Sviatoslav Piskun.

Currently, the conflict between the main «Dnrovts» Alexander Zakharchenko and Khodakovsky continues to escalate. As the «Fourth power» in the last days it passed almost an open confrontation. Yet it is at the level of statements and texts on the Internet, but, as has been shown, the payback for such statements in Lugansk and Donetsk can be sudden and fatal.

After the events in Yasinovataya, when the people of Khodakovsky was kicked out of the city there was appointed «mayor» Paul Gubarev, and the ensuing scandal, the white house openly went into opposition and began to make some pretty tough statements addressed to the members of his entourage.

In December 2015 Khodakovsky presented in Yasinovataya their so-called political party «Patriotic forces of Donbass» and explicitly stated its political ambitions within the controlled by «Dnrovtsa» certain districts of Donetsk region (ORDO). Already on 16 February, the white house said that Zakharchenko became close branches of its pseudoparticle.

We will add that according to the coordinator of group «Information Resistance» Dmitry Tymchuk, in the area of Donetsk and in the city «the Ministry of state security» «DND» began to carry out a «filtration activities». Militants linked these measures with allegedly appeared life-threatening Zakharchenko. So, terrorists prowl for the «DRG Ukrainian troops, who are ordered to eliminate the top of the «DNR».

SBU: Russian special services can remove Butler and Khodakovsky 23.02.2016

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