SBU recorded another proof of Russian aggression in the Donbas

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine found in the ATO area an unexploded charge of the reactive systems of volley fire «Smerch» of Russian production.

As reported in a press-the SBU center, the charge fell in the yard of one of local residents of the village of birch Maryinsky district of Donetsk region. At the conclusion of military experts, the marking of ammunition evidence the rebels had used 300-mm rockets with cluster warhead with fragmentation submunitions.

«Such charges are made only in Russia to operate the system «Smerch» may be the only professional military personnel», — underlined in the message.

Intelligence officers together with military Prosecutor’s office documented that the use of MLRS «Smerch» and attached to the evidence of Russian aggression in the framework of the open criminal proceedings, have informed in the press center.

The SBU also noted that the shells contain 72 submunitions 9Н235 bearing 6912 fragments to defeat soft-skinned materiel and 25920 fragments for the destruction of personnel. The area of destruction of one element 300-1100 sq. m. the marking of the SN-2-95 specifies in encrypted form to the manufacturer (SN – loading plant in Russia; in Ukraine these elements are not produced), batch number and year of production (1995 edition).

We will remind, on November 6, employees of the Mariupol group of sea protection found in the sea of Azov unmanned complex type of «Orlan-10» made in Russia.

SBU recorded another proof of Russian aggression in the Donbas 14.11.2016

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