SBU raided the former Deputy Minister of infrastructure

The security service of Ukraine raided the former first Deputy Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Know in the investigation of the case of payment of funds to private operators for the ports held them dredging. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«Last week, simultaneously with the searches Tisa it’s what I only heard so far, but this experience had not. To my house came 5 people in SBU (economic Department) with a search for the criminal proceedings associated with order Miu 316 adopted in 2015,» wrote Shulmeyster.

According to Know, the order for compensation (interest-free and extended in time) to private operators of ports in the first place, «NIBULON», TIS and «nickname-a Terra», which is invested (instead of ASD) own funds the money in a deepening state area.

«For example, the TIS for their money dug up the waters of the «South», and the state he, Tisza, half of them spent in a long time pays out of part of port charges (only from those vessels which go to them), so they could deepen,» wrote Shulmeyster.

According to him everything was done strictly according to the letter of the law on ports and in coordination with 5-6 ministries, the Ministry of justice and the Cabinet.

«But! Control over the shipping companies established by the party whose representative came from the Ministerial chair on 2 December 2014. Namely, Countries. We can assume that without his blessings nerazvedennogo not solved any issues related to the activities of ASD and the sea. Why is this still happening, and even with the new power? Probably because unhappy MEW landed on the same party list. NF continues to steer» — outraged Nevertheless.

He also said that «police is under uncle from the same party, under which there is another uncle who, as far as I can guess, not having specific facts — we have this whole search was staged — a Deputy with the letter F. and the courts under the Ministry of justice with the same vertical».

«So no one who did not come. Only we can stand up for themselves,» wrote the former official said.

As reported, November 25, the security personnel carried out searches at the offices of the company «transinvestservice».

SBU raided the former Deputy Minister of infrastructure 30.11.2016

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