SBU on the railroad conducts anti-smuggling operation «Magistral»

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) checked passenger trains of «Ukrzaliznytsya», plying in the international message, to determine the presence in the compositions of specially equipped hiding places for transportation across the border smuggled goods, including weapons.

According to the press service of the SBU, the Ministry in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, conducts railroad preventive special operation «Magistral», with the aim of fighting illegal transportation across the state border of Ukraine.

In particular, since the start of the year, the SBU opened a criminal proceedings for unlawful use of a weapon, two production for drug smuggling and one for violation of the order of international transfers of goods subject to state export control.

In addition, law enforcement officers seized 1,200 cartridges for firearms, and nearly three thousand packs of cigarettes.

It is also reported that a decision was made about removal from posts 11 of train crews and denied entry to Ukraine, 54 persons, including fake stamps and fake documentation, and is composed of 27 administrative protocols.

The SBU published on its website relevant video inspection of wagons at wagon section of station Kyiv-Passenger, during which law enforcement authorities have dismantled special hiding places for illegal movement of goods across the border.

Earlier it was reported that the police strengthens the cooperation with courier services to combat attempts to remove weapons from the zone ATO.

SBU on the railroad conducts anti-smuggling operation «Magistral» 02.02.2016

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