SBU: in occupied Donetsk visited Surkov, had planned the fake «elections» and permutations of «marionette»

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin, responsible for «communication with compatriots» Vladislav Surkov yesterday was occupied in Donetsk. About it today, 17 February 2016, during the briefing said the chief of staff to the Chairman of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk, transfers UNIAN.

«On 16 February from the city of Donetsk were marmots. The Russian side very carefully concealed the preparation for this visit,» he said.

Tkachuk said that in Donetsk, Putin’s aide heard reports of the self-proclaimed leaders of local administrations, «designated» Pro-Russian terrorist organization «DNR».

«He, in particular, got acquainted with current development of public-political, military-political, socio-economic and humanitarian situation in the region,» said Tkachuk.

Also, according to him, one of the issues that were discussed during the meetings, «was the so-called preparation for the so-called elections in the territory of «DNR».

«Following the meetings held in Donetsk, Surkov has adopted a number of decisions on personnel changes, as well as certain political issues in the so-called «DNR». In particular, according to our data, under the risk of dismissal is the so-called Minister of foreign Affairs «DNR» Kofman, as well as the head of the administration of the President of the self-proclaimed «DNR» Leshchenko and the acting «head of administration» of the city of Debaltsevo», — said Tkachuk.

He also stressed that it is not only the fact that Surkov on the territory of Ukraine.

«19-20 January marmots were located in the Luhansk region with a very similar mission.

Also conducted a hearing… Such visits individuals approximate directly to the President of the Russian Federation, prove once again how tightly the Russian side and the Kremlin controls what is happening in the occupied territory of Donbass. It proves once again that virtually all of the leadership of the puppet «republics» is under very close control by the Russian political circles», — said the chief of staff to the Chairman of the SBU.

Answering the question of how it will react SBU on this issue, in particular whether to connect diplomatic channels, Tkachuk said: «I, unfortunately, can’t comment on the source of this information, but the fact that we come with her to the public, suggests that we are actually confident in the reliability of these data. Of course, we will refer to work this issue jointly with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine».

According to the professional certificates of the Russian saboteur and the terrorist Igor Girkin («strelkov»), Surkov is the Kremlin appointed curator of informal groups «DNR» and «LNR», and also «leads negotiations» in Minsk format.

Ukrainian politicians and law enforcement authorities have repeatedly stated about the involvement of Surkov to the scenario of the violent suppression of the Euromaidan and evacuation to Moscow Victor Yanukovych together with the nearest environment.

«I can confirm that we have prepared materials, our result draws attention to the fact that Mr. Surkov 20-21 February (2014 edition) not just was in Ukraine, and now the consequence establishes, on February 20-21 why he lived together with Mr. Yakimenko, former head of the SBU, one of the objects of the SBU… used government bond and went to the presidential Administration», — officially announced a year after those tragic events, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, who was then the head of SB Ukraine .

According to the PGO, together with Surkov in Kiev there were 20 members of the FSB. Nalyvaichenko argued that in this group there were snipers, directly subordinate Surkov, who «was fired at both protesters, ( …) and employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs».

As announced on 10 February, the head of the office of special investigations the Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk, while investigators «check» how marmots was influenced in February 2014 on the policy of the presidential Administration and Yanukovych personally and whether it is directly involved in certain crimes.

«The meetings were discussed all this, a certain effect was. The investigation examines how this impact has really led to the tragic consequences that occurred. Were these recommendations or these were direct instructions, guidance, how best to counter protest actions,» — said Gorbatyuk.

SBU: in occupied Donetsk visited Surkov, had planned the fake «elections» and permutations of «marionette» 17.02.2016

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