SBU in Kiev warned of the attempt on the life of the MP, involved in the assassination of the Russian special services

The head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak said on the prevention of the attempted assassination of people’s Deputy of Ukraine and involvement in the crime intelligence services of the Russian Federation, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Yesterday in Kiev the staff of SBU revealed and documented during the execution phase, prevented attempt of attempt at life of the statesman — people’s Deputy of Ukraine. According to our data, the physical elimination of the people’s Deputy was planned, prepared and controlled from the territory of the Russian Federation», — said Hrytsak at a briefing on Saturday in Kiev.

According to him, involved in the assassination of the Russian special services.

Hrytsak also reported that on suspicion in Commission of this crime detained two men, they reported to my supervisor in Russia.

The head of the SBU stated that there had been thorough preparation of the crime.

As for the method of assassination, then, according to the head of the SBU, it had to be done with the use of improvised explosive device were two options — plant explosives under the vehicle or to an explosive device detonated along the route of the car.

«Last night the citizens of C. and D. were detained in Kiev are ready for an explosive device… it had to be activated using a mobile phone… During the detention one of them was trying to get rid of the bag with explosives» — gave details of the head of the SBU.

At the briefing were shown videos with the negotiations preparatory to the Commission of a crime. «This gives us reason to believe or make assumptions about his involvement in the organization of attempt at murder of a statesman of the Russian special services,» — said the head of the SBU.

He said that the organizer of the crime — the native of Russia — for a long time lived on the territory of Kharkiv region, in 2014 went to «LC», joined the ranks of illegal armed groups and took it «one of the guiding medium units, engaged in the conduct sabotage operations on the territory of Ukraine».

«The name of a citizen that we believe to be the organizer of the murder begins with the letter T., born in 1965… Under the direct supervision of the Russian special services carried out the training and coordination of the activities of sabotage and reconnaissance groups on the separation line. Now, according to our information, he is in the city of Belgorod (Russian Federation)», — said the head of the SBU.

Hrytsak said that the execution of a crime, citizen T. chose two previously convicted citizens of Ukraine — S., born in 1980, native of Donetsk region, previously convicted three times, the other a citizen D., born in 1978, native of the Crimea, twice previously convicted.

«Both performers — C. and D. — serving punishment on the territory of Crimea. After that, they went to Russia and arrived in Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation», — said the head of the SBU. He added that the attackers practiced the escape in Russia after committing the crime.

According to Hrytsak, within investigation of criminal proceedings will be investigated the circumstances of the punishment on these people, because «there is a suspicion that at this point they still had to be in prison».

Thus, as noted by the head of the SBU, detained the perpetrators of the crime are professional criminals. For preparation the murder of these people have come 14 December 2016 to Kharkov, where he stayed for five days, then went to Kiev, where for weeks «carried out active exploration and observation at the place of work and residence of the statesman».

According to Hrytsak, tracked the routes of movement of the Deputy. The head of the SBU noted that reports of the surveillance were sent to Russia closed the message and immediately deleted, that is, communication with the supervisor was conspiratorial.

In addition, the head of the SBU reported that during the searches were found photos of a potential victim. However, he didn’t name the MP, who is preparing to attack, saying only that it was a man.

«I can’t disclose the name of the Deputy… I talked to him 5 minutes before the press conference. While he has not consented to the disclosure of his name,» said Hrytsak.

According to him, the suspects never knew a man, attempt at that is ready. «I can’t say that life he added. We took artists (crimes)», — said the head of the SBU, again noting that the organizer in the Russian Federation.

In fact, encroachment on life of the statesman open criminal proceedings, the Deputy taken under protection of special forces «alpha».

«We can’t say that eliminated the threat of danger in the Deputy», — said Hrytsak.

The security of people’s deputies, with the exception of one that was preparing an attack, not in danger, said Hrytsak.

«We have, fortunately or unfortunately, no data security-even someone from a particular people’s deputies of Ukraine at this moment», he said.

Note that this is not the first murder, which reveals the SBU. So, November 18, 2015 Vasyl Hrytsak said that the Ukrainian law enforcement officers prevented the murder of the former employee of FSB Ilya Bogdanov criminal group controlled from Russia.

According to him, Bogdanov was kidnapped in Kiev and brought to Kharkiv. According to the plan of curators, it was supposed to kill, and the corpse to smuggle in Russia.

SBU in Kiev warned of the attempt on the life of the MP, involved in the assassination of the Russian special services 21.01.2017

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