SBU has published the authentic video of detention of the Crimean deserters

The security service of Ukraine told about details of detention of deserters in adminpraise from the occupied Russian Federation Crimea.

Video of the arrest was announced at a briefing in Kyiv on 22 November the head of SBU Vasiliy Gritsak.

He said, this time a video not staged and authentic, filmed at the scene, said «Ukrainian truth».

According to the head of the SBU, the deserters who defected to the Russian side, – Alexander Baranov and Maxim Odintsov – the SBU detained at the administrative border with the Crimea at the Chongar without provocation.

«This former military APU, first there were three of them, they wanted to obtain documents about the termination of educational institution for the money,» said Hrytsak.

«They wanted to receive documents on higher education, to become officers of the Russian Federation», – he added.

Hrytsak said that the third war just has not arrived at Chongar, so he was not arrested.

Documents on higher education deserters was to convey the messenger on the administrative border with the Crimea, the security service tracked down his courier.

«They wanted to get this carrier on the other side. So he really risked his life», – said Hrytsak.

The head of SBU also noted that deserters already elected a measure of restraint in form of detention by a court in Mykolaiv with the ability to Deposit 250 and 350 thousand hryvnias.

Recall, November 21, in the SBU said that the detained admingranitse in the Crimea two deserters, who, after the annexation of the Peninsula moved to serve in the Russian army. In Russia claim that former Ukrainian military, who changed the oath, allegedly enticed to the point «Dzhankoy».

SBU has published the authentic video of detention of the Crimean deserters 22.11.2016

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