SBU has published evidence that fighters in 2014, was shot down Il-76 over the Lugansk

SBU released an audio recording of negotiations of leaders of the terrorist organization «LNR», which proves that the militants shot down the aircraft APU Il-76 in 2014. This reports the press center of the security Service of Ukraine.

«Investigators SBU received irrefutable evidence that the head of the terrorist organization «LNR» I. Carpenter , who at the time of the crime was the commander of an illegal armed formation «battalion «Zarya», together with A. Patrushev (then his Deputy) and the commander of an illegal armed formation «hero» by V. Gureeva was one of the organizers of the terrorist act. To block the anti-terrorist operation forces, they staged an ambush and managed teams of fighters armed with MANPADS, blocked air service airport Lugansk», — stated in the message.

The first conversation takes place between a Carpenter and one of the leaders of ORLO Gennady Circulavam. Recent reports that the airport of Luhansk come in for a landing aircraft.

«They have, frankly, puzzled. They are not from that side went a second group came out. Now they will shoot down those flies and those who sits. They went from the red. We were never there, now, will,» replied the Carpenter, clearly, that the militants will shoot at Ukrainian aircraft.

Other negotiations take place between Carpenter and Patrushev.

«Comrade major, came two planes, one shot down, the second I sat down. Missiles from this Novoannovka no more. Three pieces misfired, but the Board filled up,» Carpenter reported to his Deputy. From further conversation, it follows that the shelling was made from MANPADS.

The last part of the audio file demonstrates the Gureeva conversation with the entrepreneur Stanislav from Krasnodon, who agreed to hand over the remains of a downed Il-76 for scrap.

We will remind, the tragedy occurred in the Lugansk airport when a military transport plane Ukrainian air force was landing. It shot down by MANPADS of Russian occupation units. Then killed 40 paratroopers and 9 crew members.

SBU has published evidence that fighters in 2014, was shot down Il-76 over the Lugansk 06.02.2017

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