SBU has lifted a ban on entry to Ukraine, the mayor of Przemysl. Gitlyanskaya explained why

The security service of Ukraine reversed its decision to ban entry to Ukraine for 5 years for the mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa, said the speaker of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

«The Ukrainian side welcomed the assessment of the mayor of Przemysl, which he publicly gave the anti-Ukrainian marches in the city,» she wrote on the page in Facebook on Friday 27 January.

«That’s why the Service has taken a responsible decision to cancel the ban on entry to Ukraine, the mayor of the Polish city of Przemysl Robert Homa,» explained Gitlyanskaya.

Earlier, Vice-Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland , Jan Dziedziczak said that the decision to ban entry into Ukraine, declared the mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa, harm Polish-Ukrainian relations and expressed hope that the ban will be cancelled immediately.

He added that if the Ukrainian side will not cancel this decision, the representatives of the foreign Ministry of Poland will not be present on the Polish-Ukrainian forum in Reseve, begins its work on Friday, January 27. In addition, the Vice Minister said that this will be only the beginning of the Polish reaction, which will have really serious consequences.

We will remind, the mayor of the city of Przemysl in Poland Robert Homa received a ban on entry to Ukraine of the security Service of Ukraine for his participation in anti-Ukrainian events in Przemysl.

Warsaw has sent to Kiev a note because of the history with the mayor of Przemysl.

As you know, the city of Przemysl, located in Poland near the Ukrainian border, last year was a place of constant conflicts on ethnic grounds.

The most notorious of these occurred on 10 December, when, during the solemn «March of the eagles Przemysl and Lviv», which was held under the patronage of the mayor of the city, one of its members cried out under the Ukrainian national house «Death to Ukrainians!», other participants supported him.

Earlier in November last year in Warsaw on the March of nationalists on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the independence of the country unknown burned the Ukrainian flag.

SBU has lifted a ban on entry to Ukraine, the mayor of Przemysl. Gitlyanskaya explained why 27.01.2017

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