SBU has accused the founder of the project Forklog laundering money through cryptocurrencies

The founder of the project on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain Forklog who is a citizen of Russia, was organized by the mechanism of money laundering with the use of cryptocurrency for the future listing them in Russia and occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea. This was announced by the security Service of Ukraine.

«The police found that the attacker via a specially crafted web resources and the offshore company created a system of illegal conversion of money, including with the use of cryptocurrency. Among the clients of the businessman was the physical and legal entities from Ukraine and Russia. Documented that the entrepreneur also took the money of U.S. citizens, «washed» by transferring them to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,» – said in the message.

SBU found that Russian is a long time living on the territory of Ukraine due to the design of a fictitious marriage, and «receives considerable revenues from illegal activities.»

Intelligence officers received information that the suspect has maintained direct personal communications with the leadership of some ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, including power and «cooperates directly with the Chairman of the Board of «Sberbank of Russia» on building of the Russian system of money transfers on the blockchain technology».

In the framework of a pretrial investigation of SBU is checking the involvement of the Russians to action at the expense of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Edition Forklog announced that on December 15, SBU raided the rented apartment of the founder of the project Anatoly Kaplan (Klimova) in Odessa, and one of the intelligence officers allegedly attempted to withdraw bitcoins to your wallet during the search. Also, searches were held in the project office.

Caplan denies that the exchange of bitcoins with the help of Forklog because, according to him, the functionality of enabling such exchange, on the website is missing.

SBU has accused the founder of the project Forklog laundering money through cryptocurrencies 19.12.2017

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