SBU forbade entry into Ukraine of about 140 Russian cultural figures

The security service has banned entry to Ukraine of about 140 Russian cultural figures. The people’s Deputy from «Blok of Petro Poroshenko» Olga Chervakova reported in Facebook by posting the answer SBU your parliamentary inquiry.

In SBU noted that 50 Russian artists included in this list since December of last year.

«By results of check revealed a number of individuals, activities or statements which are contrary to the interests of the security of our state, in this connection, it was decided to ban their entry into the territory of Ukraine», — informs the SBU.

The names of Russian artists, who are denied entry to Ukraine, not specified.

According to Chervakova, activists of the movement «Otpor» claim that was sent to SBU, such a request a year ago, but their appeal was no answer. Therefore, 12 Oct MP sent a letter to the Chairman of SBU Vasiliy Gritsak.

We will note, in June, Lviv regional Council has supported the banning of the concerts of those artists who have performed or participated in television programs on the territory of Russia and in the temporarily occupied territories.

In October, the Verkhovna Rada rejected a bill that would prohibit or restrict performances of Russian artists who support the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and officially condemned it. Bill No. 4303 on amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding limitation of the use of media production and the aggressor state did not receive the necessary votes in the first reading.

In November, Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko claimed that the Border service responded with a formal reply to the request regarding examination of the likely entry into Ukraine of artists of the Russian Federation, which illegally acted in Crimea. She announced this in Parliament, referring to the interior Ministry and the foreign Ministry.

She said that some Russian artists are illegally in Crimea, and then go to concerts in Kiev. Moreover, to enter Ukraine persons who were observers on the so-called «primaries» in the occupied territories of Donbass. On this occasion, she sent a request to the security service and the Border service.

SBU forbade entry into Ukraine of about 140 Russian cultural figures 05.11.2016

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