SBU detained two Russians for reporting explosives aboard a plane, «the Dubai-Kiev»

At the airport «Zhulyany» evacuated passengers of the flight «Dubai-Kyiv» because of reports about explosives on Board the aircraft. While checking the explosives on the plane were found.

About it on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine» said the head of the office of the Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachuk.

«About 2 o’clock in the afternoon at the airport «Zhulyany» made a planned landing of the aircraft flight «Dubai-Kiev». On Board were 149 passengers, one child, and 7 crew members. The landing occurred normally, but immediately after landing, one of passengers has informed that onboard there is an explosive, and he plans to blow it up. The service has responded to this situation, and the plane was drawn in a spare Parking lot, and passengers were evacuated, » — said Tkachuk.

According to him, now detained the man who reported finding the explosives — «he was a citizen of the Russian Federation In Mishchuk. In addition, are currently in custody of Russian citizens, Kučera V., which is also involved in this event.»

Tkachuk noted that now being tested for the presence of explosives on the plane. «Passengers of the plane and the airport» Zhulyany «is not in danger, our services are verification measures,» he added.

At the same time, as reported airport spokeswoman Galina Bogdanenko, the explosives on Board the aircraft not discovered and reported it the passenger was drunk.

«The plane carried out flight on a 747 «the Dubai-Kiev», in flight one of the passengers, the citizen of the Russian Federation, informed the crew that he has a bomb with him. The crew passed the information to the dispatcher service of our airport, and it was 10 minutes before the plane landed. On the ground plane met the airport authority, service of the SBU and explosives. The plane was tested for the presence of explosive substances, nothing on Board was detected, the passenger is arrested. Already on the next flight registered passengers, and in half an hour the plane will take off. Unfortunately, the passenger was drunk and behaved inadequately, just look at what he faces for this,» said Bogdanenko.

Note that this is not the first similar case. So, in 2013, law enforcement officers detained at the airport «Simferopol» a citizen of the Russian Federation, who joked that his baggage is the plastid. In 2010, the police detained in the airport of Simferopol another Joker who is a citizen of Russia on suspicion of false reporting of bombs перевозкt.

SBU detained two Russians for reporting explosives aboard a plane, «the Dubai-Kiev» 25.03.2016

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