SBU detained the head of the civic body «Azov-Crimea» was commissioned for the Russian side

According to the security Service of Ukraine, the Chairman of civil building «Azov-Crimea» Stanislav Krasnov worked on the Russian side.

On Monday February 29, said the chief of staff to the Chairman of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk during a briefing, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

«Krasnov is in communication with the FSB in 2014. At the last meeting in Belarus, they discussed the use of explosives,» — said Tkachuk.

«According to confirmed intelligence data, Krasnov directly conveyed to the Russian side a list of the regiment «Azov», as well as from 10 to 13 February last in the Republic of Belarus, where he met with his Russian handler. On the Russian side Krasnov is with 2014. And during this last meeting, including discussions related to the possible use of the explosives that were seized in the suburbs of Kiev» — quoted by UNIAN the representative of the SBU.

However, he said that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies known the surname of the citizen of the Russian Federation, with which it is connected is Krasnov.

Also, according to him, the investigation has other materials; and these materials will be posted as the investigators will give permission for their publication.

«It was not the first departure Krasnov in Belarus. In 2015 he was there with the same purpose as the last time,» said Tkachuk.

Chief of staff to the head of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk has declared that special services of the Russian Federation set the task of Chapter civil building «Azov-Crimea» Stanislav Krasnov to prepare for the murder of the activist on the administrative border with occupied Crimea with the aim to destabilize the situation, «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Since 2014 is the person, according to our operational data, was directly connected to Russian intelligence. One of his tasks was preparing the murder of one of the activists who are now in Kherson oblast on the administrative border with the Crimea. Russian special services planned to use this situation to destabilize the situation in the region,» said Tkachuk.

He noted that the Russian side would get a reason to invade Kherson region. While Tkachuk stressed that the responsibility for these actions lay down on activists, including the regiment «Azov».

«During the last meeting (with the curator from the Russian Federation) was discussed, including the possible use of explosives seized near us in Kiev», — said Tkachuk.

«The cache was found and was seized plastic explosives in TNT equivalent Is approximately 42 kg. volume destructive acts approximately as 7 anti-tank mines were Also seized 5 buildings live grenades, 6 mechanisms for fuzes and 10 detonators», — said the representative of the SBU.

As reported, on the night of 28 February, the SBU detained the head of the civil corps «Azov-Crimea», one of the organizers of the blockade of Crimea Stanislav Krasnov.

Lawyer Krasnov , Andrey Grits said that the SBU has applied to his client after his detention, torture, to confess about a cache of weapons.

According to him, Krasnov was arrested by armed SBU officers, after which he was bound with tape hands, feet, blindfolded and taken to the forest and about 6 hours were subjected to torture, calling for the recognition of where he hid the weapons.

Activists of the civil corps «Azov» held the action under walls of the building of the SBU in Kiev – they require clarification, for which he was arrested. According to the activist Tamara Shevchuk, the SBU States that Krasnov and Oksana Shelest were seized 30 kg of explosives and 5 F1 grenades.

In the near future detainees will be remanded.

SBU detained the head of the civic body «Azov-Crimea» was commissioned for the Russian side 29.02.2016

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