SBU allowed «Donbassenergo» to trade with terrorists – media

The security service of Ukraine allowed the company «Donbasenergo» to cooperate with terrorists, but had to stop this activity.

This is stated in the investigation Alina Strizhak for the program «Nashi Groshi s Denis Bhusan».

The company «Donbasenergo», which is associated with the family of the President of the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych, bought coal from the mine, «Zhdanov», located in the town of Zhdanovka of Donetsk region on the territory controlled by terrorists.

«Separatist» mine runs Ruslan Dubovsky, says the investigation.

As the author of the investigation, 22 January 2015, the security service issued an order No. 27, and its Annex No. 5, the so-called the list of companies with whom you can collaborate. This list was made and the mine «Zhdanovskaya».

It is noted that the striking out of the mine «Zhdanovskaya» from the list of licensing coincides with the change of the head of the SBU.

«June 18, resigned as the Chairman of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko. Formally, Nalyvaichenko was on the post and when were formed the following list. However, informal in office at that time came the team of the new head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak«, — stated in the material.

According to the investigation, after 5 days, January 27, 2015, the Verkhovna Rada recognized the «DPR» terrorist organization. And for month the head of the group «Donetsk people’s Republic» signed a decree on appointment of the head of the «Zhdanov» Dubovsky acting «Minister of coal and energy DND».

«3 July 2015, the day of the appointment Gritsak, head of the SBU in the Ukraine-controlled territory of the Donetsk immediately stop 260 cars, which carried «Donbasenergo» coal mine «Zhdanovskaya». Supposedly the power company is cooperating with terrorists, and therefore must be punished. To the GPU and subsequently the NEB will begin pre-trial investigation. However, the head of «Donbasenergo» Bondarenko Eduard will go to the Pechersk court to the judge Oleg Belozerkovez. and she would prove that the contracts for the purchase of coal was signed in November 2014, when the «DNR» was not a terrorist organization, was not permissive lists. And when they came, the mine «Zhdanovskaya» made in these lists are the very same SBU. And now the «Donbassenergo» legally takes the «Zhdanov» its coal. After which the court decided in favor of the power company and directed the arrest of its 260 cars of coal», — stated in the material.

It is worth Recalling that in September 2016, the National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) has received judicial permission for temporary access to documents «Donbasenergo» procurement of coal and operating cars. So, the Bureau took over the investigation concerning abuse of office by officials of the Military Prosecutor’s office in interests of PJSC «Donbasenergo» when removing the arrest from 18 thousand tons of coal. The NEB received the application, stating that in 2015, officials Slavic TPP of PJSC «Donbasenergo» was purchased by OOO «Energoinvest trading» 214 cars of coal almost 70 million UAH. At the same time, fuel costs were inflated three times. The coal «Energoinvest trading» bought AP PJSC «mine «Zhdanov» in the occupied territory of Donetsk region.

The year before, 15 September 2015, Minister of energy and coal industry Vladimir Demchishin said that Ukraine is ready to buy coal from the zone of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) 1, 1 thousand UAH per ton.

As reported, in may 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers brought the uncontrolled territories in the East of the common energy market of Ukraine, requiring the power supplying company «DTEK Donetskoblenergo» and «Luhansk energy Association» to purchase power from local companies and maintain its separate account. It was stressed that this decision enters into force on 7 may 2015 and is valid until the full restoration of the constitutional order of Ukraine on uncontrolled territory.

Later, after three months, the Cabinet agreed a scheme to export coal from ATO zone through the territory of Russia. According to Demchishin, the agreed scheme of export through the territory of the Russian Federation provides for the supply of coal to the Luhansk TPP, as it was practiced before, and at thermal power plants, which operate in the United energy system of Ukraine.

Recall that in 2014 the military conflict 88 coal mines were in uncontrolled territory of Donbass. Therefore, domestic thermal power plants for the first years of independence faced a shortage of coal, and the population came under threat of rolling blackouts. To prevent this, the government in the summer of 2014 decided to buy coal in South Africa. In August 2014 the state enterprise «Ukrinterenergo» have signed an agreement with British Steel Mont Trading on the supply of 250 thousand tonnes of South African coal. Subsequently, the PGO accused the leadership of state-owned companies is that the low quality coal is purchased at inflated (by $ 10-15 per tonne) prices and does not burn in the Ukrainian stations.

The purchase of coal from Africans or the Russians — not the only way to solve the problem of providing Ukrainian thermal power plants anthracite. It is also possible to take out from the occupied territories of Donbass. In terms of successful negotiations with the coal would cost Ukraine is much cheaper than Russian or African.

However, the Ukrainian government was in the position that to buy coal in the separatists is a bad idea, Ukrainian officials over the past year has made many statements about the inadmissibility of cooperation with separatists. However before the heating season of 2015-2016, the government began to recognize that without the supply from the occupied Donbass will not do.

SBU allowed «Donbassenergo» to trade with terrorists – media 18.11.2016

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