Savchenko stated that she understood the actions of «Berkut» on Maidan: they had the order

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko understand the actions of «Berkut» on the Euromaidan, because they «had orders». She told about it in interview to «Echo of Moscow».

The MP answered a question about what she was doing on the Euromaidan.

«I knew one thing: I’m in the military. So, I’m not the police, I do not internal forces. However, I always remain people. And my function as an army, of course, to protect the people from an external enemy. So, the people are the police, and those people who are on the Maidan,» – said Savchenko.

She said that she «didn’t care» because she is a human system, military a structure that «more knew one «Berkut».

«Why? Because they are orders. This many people then could not understand: «Behold, why are they not the people? I’d have given it everything.» And now the army stands and waits. That’s why they do not fight, Yes? But they have an order,» – said Savchenko.

Previously Savchenko made a number of controversial statements about Amnesty to the militants, the amendments to the Constitution and against the UPA.

7 Dec Savchenko secretly, in defiance of the negotiating lines of Ukraine, met with militant leaders in Minsk. The meeting was also attended to present the humanitarian sub-group from the Russian Federation.

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) stated that this meeting was not agreed. Savchenko was summoned to the SBU for questioning, where she confirmed the fact of such negotiations.

First, Savchenko said that in the negotiations no promises rebels did not give. However, on 14 December, she announced «agreement» on the exchange of prisoners in the ratio of 1 to 4.

In SBU noted that the scenes discussed «not only the hostages, as well as issues of Amnesty and the lifting of economic sanctions.»

After that Savchenko was excluded from the faction «Batkivschyna» and the Ukrainian delegation to PACE.

Savchenko stated that she understood the actions of «Berkut» on Maidan: they had the order 05.01.2017

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