Savchenko has updated the lists of prisoners of Ukrainians and Russians. The ex-the battalion commander «Donbass» called it «charamicos Medvedchuk»

The people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko, excluded from the faction of «Fatherland» and the parliamentary Committee on national security for separate talks with the leaders of terrorist organizations and ambiguous political statements, has published a new list of persons held by the parties of the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict as prisoners. Scanned copies of the pages with the lists of names posted on her Facebook.

Kombat Kulish about the sisters Savchenko: «Scaramouche Medvedchuk»
Such a list should be our first and foremost requirement.

«Lists of Ukrainians in captivity in the occupied territories — said the parliamentarian. — Correct as at 16 January 2017. Check.

A blue color is released. Red — dead».

In particular, the last version of this list (added another 9 people. None of them blue or red is not selected.

One person added to the list of » the Russians, the military personnel of the Russian Federation, which can be the Russian military; persons who have Russian citizenship, but the natives of Ukraine or the Ukrainians have escaped to Russia under the program «Resettlement of compatriots» and wishing to obtain Russian citizenship», which «is contained in the Ukraine in jail».

In addition, lists of persons, the release of which requires the occupation administration of Donetsk and Lugansk today also, there is one person.

The politician, as before, repeats that these lists will be updated on a regular basis.

According to its press-Secretary Tatiana, Protoscience, the list is constantly updated.

«They may not be 100% accurate. Today posted a list based on the information that we received. But again, reports are coming in from friends and relatives. Information will be updated constantly», — quotes its words

According to Savchenko, this «transparency» and «openness» will contribute to the unblocking of the process of exchange of prisoners, while opponents Savchenko think these lists are «incorrect» and «inaccurate», and the Ukrainian state authorities called their disclosure that violates the law.

Kombat Kulish about the sisters Savchenko: «Scaramouche Medvedchuk»

Hope and Faith Savchenko, and head of the Center of release of captured OO «Officer case» Vladimir Ruban act in the interests of Viktor Medvedchuk , and the Russian aggressor. About it on January 14 in live talk show «war diary» on TV channel «112 Ukraine», said one of the former commanders of the volunteer battalion «Donbass» Dmitry Kulish (full version here).

According to Kulish, associated enterprises «Patriot» released from captivity about 700 Ukrainian military and logistical support of relatives of those soldiers who are still held hostage.

In addition, lists Savchenko believes he is confused: «Are the dead alive and so on.» «Savcheko offers missing to count the dead… You yourself admit it’s been dead at 17-t 200-x… My sister fighting and asked me to give» — outraged the military.

According to him, to convey to her his position, he has five times tried to meet personally with Hope, but each time unsuccessfully.

«To publish a list to the public — there is no expediency or necessity,» says Kulish.

In his opinion, the sisters Savchenko has no right to engage in an exchange of hostages, since they do not have their own «exchange Fund»: «No hostage … That you captured someone took one or the second that you will change? You were in Moscow? In Moscow, hence, their political hostages «pull-hut», there FSB, grab and release. Don’t go where you don’t need, that’s all.»

«It’s all PR on the blood. I have some more time for this PR on the blood, you, one, two, Ruban, these are all aramony medvedkovskoe — you will be responsible for this,» he moved to the individual Kulish.

He is unhappy with the fact that their activities sisters Savchenko, according to him, «split» relatives of Ukrainian prisoners of war «into three groups».

In turn, Vera Savchenko, who also participated in the programme, said As the fact that he speaks the language of a television cliche: «I hear all the phrases that were mentioned Hope, but was told by the TV».

A little later, leading the program associated with the Hope which asked Kulish «to remember that he is a man» and «not to behave like cattle».

On the criticisms of Medvedchuk she said, «If you all think the Pro-Russian Medvedchuk, why is it (the talks in Minsk — ed.) is protected by the Ukrainian side?!»

Such a list should be our first and foremost requirement.

In contrast to the position of the current leadership of the security service of Ukraine, the predecessor of the current head of the Department Vasyl Hrytsak — the leader of the movement «Justice» Valentyn Nalyvaichenko , in turn, supports the aspiration of Savchenko to the process of publicity for the release of prisoners.

«Lists Savchenko fetish for bots, writes it on the official page. To act should the President and government of Ukraine. Must be a roll-call and open a list of all hostages, missing persons and victims of war.

Such a list should be our first and main requirement to Russia and the proof of her crimes.

Such a list should be a requirement in the European Parliament, in member countries of the EU, the UN, Brussels and Washington.

The Ukrainian government must take care of each military, volunteer, journalist, volunteer. Should be free of all, fight for everyone!»

Then as Advisor to the Chairman of the SBU Yuriy tandit insists that the proliferation of names of prisoners of war can hurt their loved ones who are in a fairly poor emotional state due to these events, so «any information related to the hostages, may have the character of not only useful information but also harm their families, it is important to remember that.»

Savchenko has updated the lists of prisoners of Ukrainians and Russians. The ex-the battalion commander «Donbass» called it «charamicos Medvedchuk» 16.01.2017

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