Saudi Arabia will send to Syria the forces. Assad continues to attack

Saudi Arabia is ready to send to Syria armed commando units to fight the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state». As reported by Reuters, said the foreign Minister of the Kingdom Adel al-Jubayr, writes

The Saudi authorities previously said it is ready to support a ground operation in Syria.

UN: during the offensive of Assad with the support of the Russian Federation on the city of Aleppo and two attacks on hospitals have resulted in civilian people
Syrian troops advancing on the last stronghold of the rebels

The Minister made the statement after meeting with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. The main negotiations revolved around the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

As assured Adel al-Jubayr, Washington welcomed the willingness of Saudi Arabia to send troops to Syria for special purposes. The representative of us state Department John Kirby confirmed that the U.S. welcomed the intention of Saudi Arabia.

According to Adel al-Jubeir, now the authorities are discussing the possibility of holding the US-led coalition ground operations in Syria against ISIS. He stressed that Saudi Arabia expressed its readiness to provide its special forces, if such operation is approved.

Last week, Saudi Arabia declared its readiness to take part in ground operations in Syria against ISIS. The same statement was made by the United Arab Emirates. The statement of Saudi Arabia sharply criticized in Damascus.

Deputy Prime Minister and foreign Minister of Syria Walid Muallem said that any ground invasion on Syrian soil without the consent of the Syrian government will be considered as aggression.

Later the Guardian newspaper with reference to sources in Riyadh, wrote that Saudi Arabia might be sent to Syria to participate in a land-based anti-terrorist operation, several thousand special forces that will operate in coordination with the Turkish military.

Note that the statement of Saudi Arabia has sounded the day after the suspension of inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva under the auspices of the UN. Against this background, Russia accused Turkey of preparing for the invasion of the territory of the SAR. Media a year ago predicted the beginning of the ground operation in Syria. However, in the U.S. this possibility was rejected.

UN: during the offensive of Assad with the support of the Russian Federation on the city of Aleppo and two attacks on hospitals have resulted in civilian people

At the United Nations there is evidence that civilians and civilian objects, including two hospitals, came under attack in Northern Syria in an offensive in the direction of Aleppo government forces of President Bashar al-Assad , supported by Russia from the air. This is stated in the statement of the under Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’brien, published on Monday on the UN website.

The emergency relief coordinator, the UN expressed deep concern with the fate of the inhabitants of Aleppo and other cities in Northern Syria. According to the international organization, more than 30 thousand people over the past few days have been displaced, about 80% of them women and children.

«The UN is doing everything possible to help these people,» said Stephen O’brien.

In a difficult situation there were inhabitants of other parts of Syria, including the Deraa province in the South of the country. Continuing fighting has also caused displacement, death and injury of civilians, the statement said. It is noted that only a few managed to find shelter with host families and relatives.

According to the UN, tens of thousands of Syrians stranded on the Syrian-Turkish border, were forced to leave their homes «due to the offensive of government forces with the support of allies from air».

«According to the UN, as a result of this large-scale operation killed and injured civilians. Damaged infrastructure, including two hospitals,» — said in a statement.

According to O’brien, camps for internally displaced people are overcrowded and unable to accept additional number of people. The UN will mobilize the field staff to provide emergency assistance new batch of internally displaced persons. From the pooled Fund for humanitarian assistance allocated 10.5 million dollars.

O’brien called on the Syrian «government and other parties to the conflict» to adhere to their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect all civilians in Syria and allow humanitarian organizations free access to all those in need.

Deputy Secretary General announced that the UN together with partners are scaling up humanitarian operations to provide new immigrants in the area of border crossing of Bab es-Salam on the Syria-Turkey border food, food stamps or cash, reports TASS. There are also plans to deploy mobile medical centers and water purification systems.

Syrian troops advancing on the last stronghold of the rebels

Meanwhile the attack the Syrian troops in the position of opponents of Assad and the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» continues. Government forces are now on the outskirts of the village of tell Rifa’at, the last major stronghold of militants North of Aleppo, reports TASS.

As the channel Al Manar, the artillery fires on the area of Kfar Naya, which is located three kilometers from tell-Rifa’at. An offensive on this front and is at the same time with heavy fighting at nearby the city Ritian.

It is noted that in case of defeat of the coalition of armed Islamists of the «jabhat al al-Shamiya», which is supported by Turkey, before the troops to open the way to the border city of Azaz, where the rear of the enemy. A representative of this coalition Hammo Hayes publicly acknowledged that «the rebels might lose a foothold in Northern Syria».

Before regime forces regained control of settlement Kvin, five kilometers from the tell Rifa’at the, knocking out the terrorists from the group «dzhebhat EN-Nusra». The fighting in this border region with Turkey are the Kurdish forces that liberated from extremists in recent days, four villages of Deir Jamal, Marinas, ez-Tiara and Krabi.

Syrian forces have been successful in the Northern outskirts of Latakia, where they took control of the towns of al-Khor, Llasat, Supadio and Wadi al-Azraq. Army troops and militias surround Kansau — last fortified area of the enemy.

According to some analysts, thanks to Russian support of the air forces of Bashar al-Assad appeared close to victory in Syria. In particular, in an article for the Huffington Post wrote a former employee of British intelligence MI6, specialist on the Middle East Alistair Crooke. In the continuation of the successful offensive of the troops of Assad will soon surround the terrorists in Aleppo. If the Syrian army, going North, will unite with the Kurds, the main forces of the militants of the IG will be in the cauldron.

According to the analyst, the table is not in Geneva, and on the battlefields in Idlib and Aleppo. After the victory over ISIS Syria could be resurrected as a powerful regional state, but Russia and Iran will find themselves in winning positions, says Kruk.

While Assad’s forces pressed the insurgents and militants against Russia, which supports a ground offensive with air, continue to sound the charges. On the eve of the Chancellor

Germany Angela Merkel stated that «horrified» by the suffering of the Syrians because of the bombing of Russian aircraft. Last Monday, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey , Numan Kurtulmus reported that, according to Ankara, from Russia, about 6200 military air operations in Syria, «approximately 85 percent were aimed at the moderate opposition and civil».

The Russian side rejects these accusations. As stated earlier, the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, «Moscow still has not shown compelling facts about the deaths of civilians as a result of Russian air strikes in Syria.» She noted that the operation of Russia in Syria «aimed solely at suppressing the terrorist threat.»

Saudi Arabia will send to Syria the forces. Assad continues to attack 09.02.2016

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