Saudi Arabia has declared its readiness to start land operation in Syria. Media: perhaps together with Turkey

The Saudi authorities are ready to participate in a ground operation in Syria in the framework of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA, said Al-Arabiya, Advisor to the Minister of defence of the Kingdom, General Ahmed Asiri.

Saudi Arabia could send troops to Syria with the support of Turkey

He recalled that Saudi Arabia 2014 is an active participant in air operations conducted in Syria, the coalition led by the United States. According to him, aviation Saudi Arabia has conducted 190 air missions.

Advisor to the Minister of defence stressed that in order effectively to combat terrorist group «Islamic state», it is necessary to join the airstrikes with a ground operation. «The Kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operations that decide to conduct anti-terrorist coalition in Syria,» — said Asiri.

«In that case, if the leadership of the coalition reaches a consensus, the Kingdom was ready to participate in these efforts, as we believe that air operations are not ideal and need both air and ground operation in Syria,» — said the adviser to the Minister.

The official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby, in turn, answering the journalists ‘ question about the statement by the representative of Saudi Arabia said that the coalition generally supports the desire of the partners to participate more effectively in the fight against ISIS, reported Reuters. However, he acknowledged that even they did not read the statement Asiri. «I didn’t want to make any comments until we have the opportunity to consider it (the statement Asiri, — ed.),» said Kirby.

The statement of Saudi Arabia has sounded the day after the suspension of inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva under the auspices of the UN. Against this background, Russia accused Turkey of preparing for the invasion of the territory of the SAR.

Note that the media a year ago predicted the beginning of the ground operation in Syria. However, in the U.S. this possibility was rejected.

Saudi Arabia could send troops to Syria with the support of Turkey

Saudi Arabia could send troops to Syria to fight against the terrorist group «Islamic state» having coordinated their actions with Turkey, writes The Guardian.

According to British newspaper with reference to sources in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia may send to Syria to participate in a land-based anti-terrorist operation several thousand commandos.

According to a source publication, Saudi Arabia, apparently, is going to act in coordination with Turkey. It is reported that Riyadh and Ankara a few weeks ago created a body responsible for coordinating military action.

The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter welcomed the statement of Riyadh, noting that he would discuss with Saudi officials the issue of a ground operation next week in Brussels.

Recall, the international coalition, which includes more than 50 countries, conducts an air operation in Syria since 2014. However, at the end of last year, Riyadh announced the creation of its own anti-terrorist coalition — it includes 34 countries, including Turkey and Egypt.

In turn, Russia is conducting a separate aerial operation in Syria with the support of Iran and Iraq. The day before Turkey refused Russia in flight over its territory within the open skies Treaty, which was supposed to be monitoring the border with Syria and airfields to NATO aircraft.

After that, the official representative of Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov at the briefing said that the Russian side considers these actions «as a dangerous precedent and an attempt to mask illicit military activity near the border with Syria».

Saudi Arabia has declared its readiness to start land operation in Syria. Media: perhaps together with Turkey 05.02.2016

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