Saudi Arabia covered with snow

In Saudi Arabia the snow fell, and temperatures in some cities dropped below zero. About it reports TV channel Al Arabia.

According to TV channel, mostly snow covered town of Shaqra and Tabuk. In some Northern provinces of the country the temperature dropped to -3 degrees Celsius. Also there are heavy rains, therefore residents are asked to be careful.

‘Cold season’: #SaudiArabia snowfall turns powdery white sands desert (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

— RT (@RT_com) 29 Listopad 2016 R.

Normally snow falls only in the mountains of Jizan in the West of Saudi Arabia, but it does not happen every year. In the summer the temperature in the country consistently exceeds the mark of 50 degrees above zero.

In Saudi Arabia now comes the rainy season. This year the rainfall is so great that the authorities in some Eastern provinces is necessary to use special equipment for pumping and collecting rainwater.

We will add, this week forecasters warned of a sharp cold snap and Ukrainians.

Saudi Arabia covered with snow 29.11.2016

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