Santehnik said that because Katy Perry has lost a toe

Stage technician Christina fish has filed a lawsuit against American singer Katy Perry. About it reports TMZ.

Fish said that because Perry she lost her toe.

As told santehnik, in 2014, when she was working at the concert in Raleigh (North Carolina), she was asked to move the massive structure on wheels. According to the woman, due to negligence of the staff structure moved her leg.

Fish is furious that none of the technicians team Perry did not offer to take her to the hospital. She had to call a friend and ask him about it.

Soon the finger fish was formed gangrene and had to amputate.

Fish States that have experienced severe stress and several months could not work and was forced to abandon yoga.

Perry has not yet commented on the situation.

Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara. Apart from the fact that Perry is a singer, she is also a composer, songwriter, actress, goodwill Ambassador of the UN. In 2017, she released the album Witness.

Santehnik said that because Katy Perry has lost a toe 31.08.2017

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