Sands on Bulk: it is Impossible to become a politician to «Peskov hours»

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has no ideology, which is necessary for a politician. This was during the talk show «the point» at the faculty of communications, media and design, Higher school of Economics, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports «Russian service bi-Bi-si».

«It was a peak moment, he artificially used painful for the whole society anti-corruption path. He first pulled to the surface and due to this has gained great popularity. He mastered the technology of mass actions, protests and so on. But he couldn’t with time, with age add to this some ideology,» he said.

Sands noted that public perception develops according to certain laws.

«If you want public support, not marginal, you need to provide content that’s associated with the development. People are subconsciously looking for the question of what will happen to us next? How will I earn money? Who will treat my children? Who will punish the criminals? Who will I have to pay and any pension in old age? If anyone will not restrict my freedom? Subconsciously everyone is looking for the answer», – explained press Secretary of the President.

Navalny, according to Peskov, has closed «some agenda».

«You know, it is impossible to become a politician to «Peskov hours». Impossible. Fortunately, the way of the world, and how the public perception. Navalny could not, he remained in the anti-corruption stories that have already been successfully picked up by the authorities and other parties», – said the press Secretary of the President.

August 1, 2015 the Sands in Sochi married to Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Navka.

The Fund of struggle against corruption Navalny said he has questions about expensive watches that put on your wedding, the press Secretary of the Russian President.

Peskov said that the clock, which supposedly according to Navalny, there are 37 million rubles, he gave the wife to the wedding.

Thus in Instagram Peskov daughter Lisa for 15 weeks prior to the wedding was exhibited the photograph of a father clock that he has not «gave».

Sands on Bulk: it is Impossible to become a politician to «Peskov hours» 30.03.2018

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