Sands of the unknown passenger in the car Putin: I have no Idea

Press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov could not say the TV channel «Rain», who was in the passenger seat of the Mercedes, which Putin visited the temple on the island of Valaam.

«No idea,» he said.

The footage, which was filmed in Valaam, is seen as Russian President leaves the driver’s seat and opens a back door on the left side of the car. But sitting there, the passenger did not go out, pointing somewhere finger. After that, Putin closed the door and went to the temple.

«Rain» suggests that the passenger was a woman.

According to TV channel, the video showed their story on the military channel «Star». On the corresponding video posted to YouTube on July 11, the frames terminate at the time of exit of Putin from the car.

After visiting the temple, Putin left for another Mercedes, «but in the company of the Patriarch, and both sat in the back seat».

Putin flew to Valaam on the occasion of the celebration of the memory of the founders of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, St. Sergius and St. Herman. During the visit, the Russian President was accompanied by the minimum number of journalists.

6 June 2013, Putin and his wife Lyudmila admitted that he experienced a «civilized divorce».

Sands of the unknown passenger in the car Putin: I have no Idea 12.07.2017

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