Sanctions against Russia must be saved because of its support for the rebels. The situation in the Donbas is deteriorating.

Militants continue to fire position of Ukrainian troops, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

«Their forces (militants – ed.) continued to bombard the Ukrainian military and civilians. And the number of attacks has increased, and already in January we have 1200 of the attacks, about 40 attacks per day,» the President said at the meeting with the media prior to talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, 1 February in Berlin, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Militants illegally hold about 140 Ukrainian military and civilians

Poroshenko also noted that the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE is still confronted with obstacles during the execution of monitoring in the Donbass.

«SMM OSCE, which is engaged in the monitoring and verification of the ceasefire regime, face restrictions during their activities in areas controlled by armed groups. They (IAF) are forbidden to visit those places where it is noticed heavy weapons in violation of the relevant agreements,» the President said.

In addition, stressed Poroshenko, the OSCE SMM observers cant get not controlled by Ukraine border with Russia.

«SMM OSCE still has no opportunity to visit the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border», — said the Ukrainian President.

He also obratil Merkel’s attention to the fact that Russia does not stop supplying weapons and troops to the Donbass.

«It’s no surprise that Russia still supplies troops and heavy weapons in the Donbass», — said the Ukrainian President.

Poroshenko points to the need to maintain sanctions against Russia until full compliance with the Minsk agreements.

«It is obvious that sanctions against Russia should stay until Russia fully comply with the Minsk agreement and until it is removed from the Donbas. Until you take away their troops, their weapons, and until you restore control on the border,» the President said.

As reported, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a meeting in Berlin today, February 1, to discuss the ceasefire in the Donbass, the withdrawal of Russian Federation arms and release all hostages.

Recall, December 30, 2015 held telephone talks the leaders of «Norman Quartet» (Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France). The parties agreed on the extension of the Minsk agreements and new meeting of foreign Ministers in January 2015.

The representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group on settlement of the conflict in Ukraine Roman Bezsmertny said that as of 1 January 2016 has begun «the process of the Minsk-3».

January 11, flew to Kiev a Russian representative to the Minsk talks, former speaker of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov. According to media reports, he held a secret meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

On 13 January the President of Ukraine has held a phone conversation with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande. Among other things, they raised the issue of the modalities for the elections in the occupied Donbas.

On the same day, US presidents and Russia Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin also discussed the issue.

January 15, the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia , Victoria Nuland, arrived from Lithuania to Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, where she met with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. The consultations were held behind closed doors. After negotiations, the parties have refrained from comments.

On 18 January, the representatives of the German Chancellor and the French President visited Kiev. Also they had to negotiate in Moscow.

Recall, the EU extended economic sanctions for six months, until 31 July, and a clearly stated relation to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

On January 27 the Chairman of the unit for Eastern partnership of the Foreign service of the European Union Dirk Schuebel stated that the European Union will raise the issue of lifting the sanctions for Russia until full compliance with the Minsk agreements.

Note, the sanctions and low oil prices threaten Russia’s default. Many experts believe that for the sake of the economy, the Kremlin will replace aggressive with «reconciliatory» policies and can leave the occupied Donbass.

Meanwhile, Russia is trying to achieve for occupied areas of the Donbass «special status» to the Ukrainian Constitution, but official Kiev refuses to take such a step.

Militants illegally hold about 140 Ukrainian military and civilians

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the militias illegally held approximately 140 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

«It is shocking that, despite clear commitments, the Russian-backed militants continue to hold about 140 Ukrainian military and civilians, including journalists and volunteers, in cellars in inhumane conditions,» the President said before the talks with Angela Merkel.

Previously authorized by the President for the ATO Irina Gerashchenko reported that the militants refused to release those prisoners, whose release during the negotiations, the Ukrainian side is seeking particularly active.

Recall, as stated in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine, members of illegal armed formations on the Donbass for the time the conflict was kept in captivity 996 prisoners. 926 of them were released. It is noted that approximately 100 prisoners had been subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

According to the International Committee of the red cross, the number of missing as a result of the conflict in Donbass more than a thousand people.

Sanctions against Russia must be saved because of its support for the rebels. The situation in the Donbas is deteriorating. 01.02.2016

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